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Clearwater, Florida (September 30, 2014)-With the impending FDA Drug Quality Security Act (DQSA) regulations, supply chain solutions provider Datex recently announced new help for small pharmaceutical supply chain businesses. Datex FootPrint® WMS is now available in a Small Business Edition for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The FDA Drug Quality Security Act commonly referred to as DQSAcovers manufacturers, re-packagers, wholesale distributors, third party logistics providers (3PLs) and dispensers. As part of the new FDA DQSA regulation, transaction information, transaction history and transaction statements are exchanged. Datex FootPrint® WMS Small Business Edition for Pharmaceutical provides the ability to track and trace pharmaceutical products by serial number, Lot, SKU, UPC, component, batch, package or vial. Datex pharmaceutical supply chain software can trace Lot numbers back to suppliers through clients by Lot or batch or through outsourcers. This ensures that product recalls can be done more accurately with less labor and time involved.

By using Datex pharmaceutical supply chain software, businesses will be able to track orders based on expiration date, serial number and batch order and manage the traceability of compounding facilities. Datex FootPrint® WMS Small Business Edition for Pharmaceutical provides a full audit trail to provide Chain of Custody records for controlled substances, can track DEA numbers and expirations and handle Certificates of Analysis (COA). The advanced track and trace functionality and other pharmaceutical specific features enable businesses to operate more accurately and efficiently, saving time and labor resources.

Datex pharmaceutical supply chain software handles serialized pharmaceutical products and works with both RFID and RF.

About Datex

Datex provides flexible, reliable supply chain technology solutions to make businesses more profitable. In successful operation since 1978, Datex has helped companies operate more efficiently and productively using state-of-the-art technology including supply chain software, mobile devices and services including EDI and mobile device management services. For more information on Datex supply chain technology solutions, please visit the Datex website

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