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Clearwater, Florida (October 31, 2014)-Supply chain solutions provider Datex recently announced that free loaner devices will be provided to customers using the Mobile Device Management (MDM) service. In addition to the device loaner program, Datex now also provides a mobile device buyback program and a new product demo pool for clients that subscribe to the MDM service.

Datex Mobile Device Management service enables authorized users to monitor and track company mobile device assets through a secure, personalized web portal. Authorized users can access devices from any location at any time. Using the MDM service, software updates can be pushed to devices remotely while memory and performance is monitored. This saves users the time, labor and of bringing the devices into a physical service location so that they can be updated manually. In addition, mobile devices can be immediately locked down remotely to minimize security risks.

The Datex Mobile Device Management service can be customized to fit the needs of each business and provides complete visibility and control throughout the supply chain operation. Datex Mobile Device Management does not require long term commitments and has been demonstrated to be highly cost effective.

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Datex provides flexible, reliable supply chain technology solutions to make businesses more profitable. In successful operation since 1978, Datex has helped companies operate more efficiently and productively using state-of-the-art technology including supply chain software, mobile devices and services including EDI and mobile device management services. For more information on Datex supply chain technology solutions, please visit the Datex website.

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