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meridian cold storageFollowing a $15 million dollar renovation, Meridian Cold Storage streamlined its business operations by upgrading its warehouse management software to Datex Footprint®. By providing customers with technological advantages which save time and money when managing inventory and operations, Meridian Cold Storage anticipates attracting new business. “Many of our clients are capturing new clients by demonstrating how easily they can manage their business using Datex Footprint® WMS software. These days, warehouse and distribution clients are focused on getting their inventory to market in the most cost effective way possible” explained Michael Armanious, President of Datex. “Our warehouse management system makes it easy to see their inventory, customize reports and simplify operations. Warehouse clients love the simplicity and savings and are looking for providers who offer this revolutionary technology.”

Strategically located in Sarasota near several major interstates in the largest bulk distribution warehouse in Florida, Meridian Cold Storage is a full service commercial freezer and transport company with more than 70,000 square feet of freezer and 10,000 square feet of cooler capacity. With customizable storage and shipping options, high tech refrigeration system and strategic alliance with Averitt Express to meet transportation needs, Meridian Cold Storage is poised for growth. The alliance with Alliance Express allows clients the benefit of having a single source provider for all transportation needs in North America, including LTL and TL refrigerated services. Meridian Cold Storage now pairs its state-of-the-art facility with leading edge WMS software solution, Datex Footprint®.
Working in concert with the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses, (IARW), Datex developed a Microsoft .NET based state-of-the-art warehouse management system (wms) geared towards streamlining warehouse operations while enhancing the user experience. The system provides an ePortal developed utilizing Microsoft Silverlight, which provides an enriched user interface with the ability to view inventory and billing as well as to create custom reports that can be exported to any required format. In selecting its wms solution, Meridian wanted to simplify and automate its 3PL billing process. Datex Footprint® provides the ability to capture billing events and automatically create the invoices on a set schedule.

“Datex Footprint® enables us to offer clients innovative technology to manage their inventory in real time. This is essential in today’s market where product integrity and reliability are keys to a successful operation. This new warehouse management system, combined with a state of the art facility and strategic logistics, enable Meridian Cold Storage to offer unparalleled services to the food related industries,” said Steven Kossoff, owner of Meridian Cold Storage.

The Datex Footprint® Warehouse Management System is also equipped with advanced features developed specifically for refrigerated warehouses that can track lot and date codes, blast freezing fees, capture temperatures, automate accessorial charges and serial numbers. The system records transaction activity specific to each combination of client, project and product and automatically calculates billing charges for inbound handling, storage and renewal storage. By using the 3PL billing module in Footprint®, Meridian Cold Storage offers accurate billing, reduce administration time and the flexibility to meet changing customer needs.

About Meridian Cold Storage

Using a sophisticated inventory management system and a state-of-the-art newly renovated facility, Meridian Cold Storage focuses on product integrity to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. The alliance of Meridian Cold Storage with Alliance Express creates seamless coverage through over 200 service centers across North America, paired with real-time shipment visibility from origin to final destination. Situated within 87% of the Florida population (MSA) within one day, Meridian Cold Storage is within reach of major ports and interstates, enabling quick, reliable transportation of inventory to the desired destination.

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