The state of the manufacturing industry is constantly evolving to adapt to customer demand, technology advancements and a variety of other factors. To effectively handle the changes in the marketplace manufacturing businesses are making changes to their operation. In the study “From Cost Center to Growth Center: Warehousing 2018” industry leading supply chain hardware manufacturer Motorola Solutions detailed where we will see the most significant changes through 2018.
In this report, surveyed manufacturing operations noted that organizational expansion would be a focus in coming years. Many businesses will be adding new warehousing and distribution facilities to get products to market faster and many others plan to expand existing facilities, increasing storage capacities. With these additions will come additional staffing requirements. Forty five percent of manufacturers plan to increase the number of employees in their labor pool.

By 2018 a significant portion of surveyed manufacturers also plan to increase process automation within their facilities – this includes repetitive processes such as cycle counting. By equipping staff with more automated data collection technologies manufacturers will be able to reduce time spent inventorying items while significantly increasing data accuracy and availability. In complement to ADC technologies, fifty percent will implement a new “best of breed” or full featured warehouse management solution. These WMS software systems will be integrated with new or existing ERP, transportation management and yard management systems. All of these evolutionary measures will help manufacturers to function more efficiently in the global marketplace, reduce costs and increase the accuracy of their operations.


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