Clearwater FL (March 9, 2018) Information technology solution provider Datex will be participating in the upcoming transportation and logistics conference, ECA Marketplace in Lake Buena Vista Florida March 26-28, 2018.  The ECA Marketplace event provides the opportunity for shippers and carriers to interact, network and provide referrals.

The ECA Marketplace event is organized around the central concept of forming logistics partnerships between shippers and carriers.  During the two-day event, shippers and carriers meet one-on-one for pre-arranged interviews.  After shippers have registered, each shipper representative will receive carrier profiles which provide pertinent information regarding service capabilities, service territory, equipment and other relevant information  useful when evaluating transportation and logistics service providers.  Shippers then use the information to rank carriers on a weighted scale.  Upon receiving the weighted scale profiling, interview schedules are created and provided to shippers on the first day of the ECA Marketplace during the Opening Reception.  Fifteen minute one-on-one interview sessions are scheduled back-to-back.  Each shipper can have a maximum of 48 scheduled interviews over the allotted time.

Information technology providers and other vendors provide information on the technological trends and latest technologies used by transportation and logistics providers who specialize in last mile delivery.  ECA conference attendees are also introduced to a variety of transportation services.

Shippers and carriers are facing increased customer demands for home delivery due to sales from online retailers.  During the “Rapid Fire Chats” sessions, ECA Marketplace attendees will be able to learn about topics that affect their companies as well as ways to enhance their businesses.  These sessions are designed to be interactive so that members can learn from each other as well as industry experts.

Kim Ganoe, Senior Hardware Solutions Consultant will represent Datex.  In business for over 40 years, Datex is an industry leading hardware vendor with specialized expertise in providing technology to supply chain companies and transportation providers focused on final mile home delivery.  Datex has considerable experience in helping last mile delivery companies boost efficiency and productivity by using the latest technology including mobile computers and printers.  Located in booth 10, Datex will showcase technology from industry leader Zebra Technologies.


About Datex

In business for over 40 years, Datex is a leading provider of hardware to transportation and logistics providers specializing in last mile delivery. Datex acts as a “one stop shop”, handling device configuration, courier software & SIM card load, barcode symbology testing, setup, managed services including mobile device management and more.  Datex acts as the single point of contact between hardware and software manufacturers. Longstanding partnerships with Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, AT&T, Microsoft and other industry leaders enable Datex to provide low cost solutions to meet every business need.  For more information please visit


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