April 17, 2020 (Clearwater, FL) Supply chain software developer Datex recently released a free webinar-on-demand to help provide insight into how supply chain companies can weather an economic downturn.

The 17-minute webinar features a variety of useful information and tips including:

  • Two industry surveys regarding how businesses reacted before, during and after the 2008 recession and which strategies produced positive results
  • 10 Tips to help supply chain businesses thrive during an economic downturn
  • The importance of technology and how it can enable supply chain businesses to be more competitive and thrive during an economic downturn

In general, companies that revised processes to increase throughput, efficiency and productivity and fine-tune operations were better positioned to be competitive.  Some companies thrived by depending upon technology to collect and analyze data and enhance operational performance.  These companies aligned their investment in technology and innovation with their strategic vision and opportunities and used technology to gain an advantage to outperform competitors.

Webinar registrants also have the option to download a free guide entitled “How to Use a Leading Edge WMS to Gain Competitive Advantage in Volatile Times”.


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