How User Friendly is Your WMS?

How the WMS User Experience Can Affect Your Business Performance.
User experience is very important because it defines how software users feel when interacting with a system. Listed in this guide are the many key factors that come into play when it comes to having a good user experience. These help to drive system user adoption, which is critical to ROI. Enterprise systems like WMS with complex applications can make it hard for users to understand the system and become frustrated causing a poor user experience. A poor user experience can cause problems that affect your business such as:
  • Lower User Adoption
  • Increased Frustration and Resentment
  • Higher Employee Turnover
  • Increased Burden on IT Department for Support
  • Workarounds that Reduce Efficiency
  • Poor Workforce Morale
  • Decreased Productivity
  • Disappointing ROI
In this guide, we provide a list of critical factors to consider when evaluating your Warehouse Management System. For example, how intuitive the software is and system inoperability with other supply chain and operations systems.  These questions could identify problems that you may not know existed. Find out why getting feedback from WMS software users is so critical to a good user experience. Your WMS software vendor should encourage and facilitate feedback from system users-perhaps through webinars, software user conferences and other means. Did you know your WMS could be effecting your IT department? When evaluating your Warehouse Management System, you should also consider the perspective of the IT department.  Relying on software that is frustrating to use can cause costly problems for the IT department, resulting in project delays, overtime and additional expenses. If you want to find out how user friendly your WMS actually is, we provide a list of questions that can help start a conversation about the effect it could be having on your business.
How User Friendly is you WMS

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