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Since 1978, Datex has been helping Florida supply chain businesses improve their profitability using the latest technology.  Our “FRESH”  approach is simple.  Develop user-friendly, flexible warehouse management software that can be configured to meet the fast-paced, changing business needs of our clients and WOW them with our personalized expert services.  It is a simple formula that has helped us grow year after year!

Florida is growing and thriving. Technology is playing a vital role in Florida’s future and Datex is part of the industry that is helping to power our economy and solve critical supply chain and warehousing problems. We work behind the scenes. Our technology and the experts use leading-edge Microsoft-based technology to develop configurable, flexible software to meet the needs of every cold storage operation, no matter the size or level of complexity. Read all about our cold storage warehouse management software.

How Can the Datex Cold Storage WMS Help Your Business?

· Saves time

· Helps reduce operating costs

· Boosts workforce productivity

· Eliminates errors

· Optimizes efficiency


Florida Supply Chain Experts

· Involved with cutting edge supply chain technology learning in Florida universities

· Ready access to Datex experts

· Experienced in helping Florida businesses resolve challenges

·  Within driving distance of your Florida warehouse

What Made You Select Datex?

“I think the relationship is the thing for me that kind of started Datex to be the choice of WMS – the idea that they actually listened to us. When the sales team came in and talked to us, it wasn’t just their canned sales speech. They actually listened to what we did and then they would react.  When we worked with a demo, after we had given them some scenarios- and had asked “can it do this and can it do that”, they actually showed us, yes this is how we would do that. “

– NorAm Cold Storage

30,371,792 CF of warehouse space in six locations

On 2021 IARW North American Top 25 List

Multi-Site Multi-Temp Cold Storage Warehouses

Why would you recommend Datex?

“Customer service. They truly are the best and they will really take care of you. Whatever they say, they are going to do, they’ll do it.”


– Merchandise Warehouse

560,000 SF of warehouse space in two locations

Multi-Temp Cold Storage Warehouse

Serving the food, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries


2329 Rue Guenette

Montreal, Quebec H4R 2E9


Ulitsa Frityof Nansen 37A

1142 Sofia Center, Sofia Bulgaria

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