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Clearwater, Fla. (Oct. 4, 2013) – As part of a new effort to help educate supply chain professionals on a wide variety of industry issues, Datex is working with industry leaders to provide webinars, videos, and educational content. The fourth webinar in the “Datex Presents” series will be held Thursday, Oct. 10th at 2 p.m. EDT. Sponsored by Jamison RFID, the brief 30-minute webinar entitled, “How RFID Works” will focus on the basics of RFID technology. Registration for the free event will be available up until the start of the event.

“How RFID Works” is the first in a two part series of webinars facilitated by Jamison RFID experts. The webinar sponsored by Jamison RFID will discuss the basics of RFID such as what RFID is, how the systems work, and the practical uses of RFID. The presentation will provide viewers with a better overall understanding of RFID technology and how it can be applied to improve business operational efficiency.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is the wireless non-contact use of radio frequency electronic magnetic fields to transfer data. RFID tags are frequently placed on objects and help with identification and tracking and store information. Today, RFID applications are widely used in the warehousing and distribution, third party logistics (3PL) cold storage warehousing, manufacturing, apparel, pharmaceutical and life sciences, hospitality, retail, healthcare, government, and many other industries. The use of RFID can provide the seamless flow of information, help track products and inventory, and create tremendous savings from increased accuracy, loss prevention, operational productivity and efficiency, and more.

Anthony Dublino, Director of Commercial Business for Jamison RFID, will be the speaker. Mr. Dublino has over 25 years of AUTO-ID technology industry experience working with multiple Fortune 500 companies on the strategic delivery of barcode and RFID solutions.

About Jamison RFID

Since 1906, Jamison Door Company has pioneered the industrial door industry with innovative designs, unsurpassed product quality, and outstanding customer service. The Jamison RFID Division produces the world’s largest variety of RFID portals, housing structures, mounting components, and custom designed enclosures that help track products using RFID during the manufacturing process and throughout the entire supply chain.

Jamison services over 5600 warehouse, retail, and supply chain customers from three North American manufacturing plants; in Maryland, Montana, and Mexico City. Jamison RFID offers fully-staffed engineering, customer service, and shipping departments. For more information on Jamison Companies visit

About Datex

In successful operation for over 35 years, Datex is a longstanding Zebra Technologies partner and “one stop shop” solution provider of software, hardware and service solutions. Consistently recognized for excellence in software solutions for the supply chain industry including the Inbound Logistics Top 100 IT Providers and Food Logistics FL100, Datex utilizes the highly flexible Microsoft .NET platform and powerful Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation to create a variety of flexible supply chain software solutions to meet the changing needs of warehousing and logistics operations.


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