Datex Outfield® OOH Management System

OutField® 2.0 incorporates all of the functions needed to effectively manage and maintain your OOH media enterprise. Inventory, operations, maintenance, posting and proof of performance come together in one fully integrated solution. Our workflow provides an event-driven environment ensuring all employees are kept informed and alerted across multiple departments. OutField® provides a familiar interface similar to the Microsoft Office® environment, making it effortless to work with.

OutField® easily integrates with your current operations software and popular charting applications such as Scala’s AD Manager (formerly Charting Pro) and The Siroky Group’s KBWorld™. 


The Outfield® Inventory module allows easy management of your face, structure and site data. It includes full support for indoor and outdoor inventory.


The Outfield® Operations module ensures that feedback from your posting crews is gathered in real-time. Labor scheduling provides plant managers the tools they need to assign tasks. Scheduled, as well as ad-hoc inventory maintenance are completed with ease through the use of our mobile client. Design inventory and maintenance supplies are tracked in our multi-warehouse management system. Adjustments, moves and replenishments are a breeze with our automated components.


Key Features Include:
  • Complete Inventory Control (Supplies, Parts and Creatives)
  • Multiple Warehouse Support
  • Maintenance Requests and Approvals
  • Maintenance Tasks
  • Labor Scheduling

Material Management

OutField®’s Material Management module guarantees you’ll have
complete visibility and control over your materials no matter where
you are.


Key Features Include:
  • Multi Warehouse and Multi Location Tracking
  • Full Receiving, Movement, and Loading Functionality
  • Mobility with Barcode Scanning
  • Real-Time Wireless
  • Full Image Preview, both Desktop & Mobile

Web Client

Web Mapping

The Outfield® Web Mapping offers your clients an impressive display of your inventory in a custom-tailored website. Searching by
market, area or media product gives your clients the freedom to explore your greatest assets – your inventory. They have the ability
to interactively work with the application to view additional face details, images and streaming video. Incorporating Microsoft’s
Bing Maps searching means clients can overlay your inventory with their own points of interest. Saving to favorites allows them to
redisplay their previous searches and share with others.

Proof of Performance

Eliminate the need to mail cumbersome delivery reports.
Present your completion reports and photos online with
OutField®’s POP Module. It offers your clients a complete
portal to track their campaigns, view completion photos, submit
proposals and manage invoices. Combined with our mapping engine, the POP module is a complete self-service portal your clients will thank you for.


Key Features Include:
  • Embedded Multimedia Content (Images and Videos)
  • Customizable Product Icons
  • Microsoft Bing Maps with Bird’s Eye View
  • Interactive Google Street View
  • Integrated Microsoft Bing Search
  • Save Favorites
  • Save and Print PDF Files
  • Multi Language Support

Mobile Client

OutField®’s Mobile Client provides a simple yet comprehensive interface for posting and maintenance crews. Multiple technologies are at their fingertips to ensure accuracy and efficiency. The module  includes advanced barcoding, mapping and optional RFID.


Your posting crews will never be left guessing with the help of OutField®’s Mobile Posting. By previewing crisp, clear design images and scanning the face, mispostings are now a thing of the past. Unexpected charting changes push new posting cards to the proper crew. Completed postings and POP images are synchronized to the server in real-time, while allowing the crew to plan their routes and create maintenance requests on the fly.


Requests, scheduled maintenance and ad-hoc repairs are all accomplished through Mobile Maintenance. Photos depicting damages or task completeness are captured with the built-in camera and pushed back to the server with real-time accuracy.

Key Features Include: 
  • Capture and Send Full-Color Images
  • Real-Time Data Interchange
  • Automatic Updates
  • Location Maps
  • Full 1D and 2D Barcoding
  • RFID Ready
  • Posting Design Image Preview
  • Ad-Hoc Maintenance and Requests

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