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Clearwater, FL (May 30, 2014) As part of its renewed effort to provide enhanced solutions for the supply chain industry and its clients, Datex recently introduced its new EDI solutions service. The new complete single vendor end-to-end EDI service is provided by a dedicated expert EDI solutions project team based in North America. The solution promises fast EDI problem resolution and expedited project delivery by experienced Datex EDI Solutions professionals.

As part of Datex EDI Solutions, the team handles the communication with the trading partners, interface with the Datex warehouse management system, negotiations, standards/formats, testing, go live and monitoring of interfaces. In addition, Datex will pro-actively handle any issues related to EDI.

“Part of the frustration of dealing with EDI has to deal with the involvement with multiple vendors. Datex streamlines the process and simplifies communications. This saves businesses time, money and frustration” explained Andy Armanious, Vice President of Operations for Datex.

The new Datex EDI Solution eliminates the need for client hardware and software investment and does not require any lengthy contracts or annual fees. The “one stop EDI service” approach by Datex streamlines EDI service and does not require the client company to have an internal IT staff to support EDI on an ongoing basis.
Datex EDI Solutions clients enjoy faster onboarding of new trading partners and increased transaction and process consistency. The new “worry free” Datex EDI Solution reduces the initial and ongoing cost of EDI and eliminates the time and complexity of dealing with multiple vendors.

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In successful operation since 1978, Datex has helped companies operate more efficiently and productively using state-of-the-art technology. Known for developing highly flexible workflow based warehouse management software, Datex WMS is in use by 3PLs, warehousing and distribution operations, non-profit organizations and manufacturers across the world. Specialists in third party logistics operations and regulated inventory, Datex solutions are highly effective in providing labor and time savings and increased inventory visibility and tracking.

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