Datex hosts webinar “How Can I Bill for That?”: Secrets to Help 3PLs Bill Their Way to Profitability Thursday July 18, 2019 at 2PM EST. 30 minute presentation includes 10 minutes to “Ask the Expert”.



With outsourcing and supply chain complexity on the rise, third party logistics providers continue to expand the wide range of services offered to manufacturers and retailers, bolling critical voids in fast-paced operations. More than ever before, 3PLs are performing activities which would not have been outsourced only a few years ago. As many third party logistics providers have yet to transition from legacy warehouse management systems to cutting edge 3PL WMS , they lack the flexible technology needed to accommodate changing industry demands and customer requirements. Consequently, money may be “left on the table”, resulting in unrealized revenues and lackluster profitability.

On Thursday July 18th at 2 PM EST, supply chain software developer Datex will host a thirty-minute webinar presentation on billing for 3PLs entitled “How Can I Bill for That?”: Secrets to Help 3PLs Bill Their Way to Profitability. Registration is free and will be accepted up until the time of the event.

The 20-minute webinar presentation will include information for 3PL warehouse operations including:

  • The hottest 3PL billing strategies
  • The “secret weapon” technology used by top 3PLs to generate more revenue
  • Uncommon accessorial charges and handling fees for which 3PLs may need to bill

Ten minutes has been allotted for an “Ask the Expert” session following the presentation.

“Billing is often one of the biggest challenges 3PLs face” explained Michael Armanious, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Datex. “Often a 3PL warehouse does not even realize how much time and labor is invested in billing each individual customer. If they are using an older WMS, they may have had to use manual processes and workarounds for years to accomplish it. While their process may work, it is probably error-prone and labor and time consuming. Once they are shown how much time today’s technology can save their business, it can be quite eye-opening.”

Third party logistics companies need to be able to bill quickly and accurately for such services as pick and pack, reverse logistics, information technology services, quality assurance and logistics processes and much more. 3PL providers who are able to do this using an automated, flexible multi-client billing system are typically able to be more competitive, pro????table and able to meet the changing demands of their customers.


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