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Datex is working hard to maintain a reputation for user friendly warehouse management software. With the latest upgrade, version 3.2, Datex recently added new functionality which is designed to improve the user experience and save money. Recognizing that most users of warehouse management systems lack resources in software development to create custom reports, Datex created a simple user friendly system that is easy to use and extremely flexible. Users can select fields, then drag and drop data to create customized reports. The reports can be exported to Excel and to a variety of formats including TIFF and PDF. Once data is in Excel, it can be manipulated further into charts and graphs.

The new advanced ad hoc reporting system for the average, non-technical user is already a favorite of Datex clients. “Our clients asked for the ability to create their own reports without having to pay for added professional service hours” explained Michael Armanious, President of Datex. “Many of our clients are 3PLs. They want to be able to create specialized reports ‘on the fly’ for their many different clients. This new ‘drag and drop’ functionality provides great value to our client and their customers, giving them a new competitive advantage in a crowded industry.”

The response from Datex clients has been overwhelmingly positive. “We are proud that our development team has created a valuable tool that is easy for our users to learn and master. As part of our commitment to our users, we will continue to focus on making our WMS solution as user friendly and flexible as possible” said Armanious.

Datex will be showcasing the added functionality as part of an online demonstration for qualified attendees. Free webinars will be held on December 1st and December 8th from 2 to 3 pm.

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