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Datex Footprint® WMS has added new powerful functionality to its already advanced warehouse management software.  Developed to help businesses save money through centralized visibility and approval process control, the new procurement module developed in update 3.2 for Datex Footprint® is already a hit with its customers.  Most warehouse management systems do not offer a robust procurement management system combined with advanced warehouse management system, increasing the value to third party logistics providers and others managing multiple projects simultaneously.

“The new procurement module creates the ability to handle detailed inventory tracking, a feature 3PL’s appreciate” said Michael Armanious, President of Datex.  “Now 3PL operators can track the approval process as well as inventory and enjoy the benefits of bid and vendor analysis. Originally designed to aid in the procurement process, Datex Footprint® WMS now offers features that many companies value as part of a sophisticated inventory management system.  The increased functionality provides in depth analysis that can be extremely useful in making decisions.  It is an invaluable tool in providing additional value added services to 3PL clients, providing a competitive advantage to those third party logistics providers using this system.”

The new procurement module manages the purchasing and deployment of equipment as well as expediting and is able to track by serial number.  The system handles traffic and logistics, revision control and history, purchase order issuance and tracks the approval process.

Datex Footprint® WMS and Datex Footprint® 3PL WMS can both accommodate this specially licensed module which is available through update 3.2 only.

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