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Leading hardware provider, Datex is promoting the new Zebra Technologies Global ES400 as revolutionary in the industry. “With the new lower price point and incredible functionality, many businesses who could not afford to purchase handheld devices are re-thinking their positions”, explained Senior Hardware Solutions Consultant Kim Ganoe. The new ES400 enterprise mobile computer is loaded with features and functions on a wide range of wireless networks, making it a perfect fit for operations across the globe. More durable than the IPhone, the device has protection against dust and water and will withstand hundreds of moderate drops. Zebra Technologies has committed to making the ES400 for three years, easing fears that the model will be superseded.
The Zebra Technologies ES400 uses PenTile® technology to deliver a best-in-class 3 inch color touchscreen display, with twice the brightness and half the power of typical displays. Now users can have clean, crisp easy to read text and images without sacrificing battery life. The ES400 includes a built-in stylus for signature capture. Compatible with Zebra Technologies’ Mobile Security Suite, the ES400 features a built-in biometric fingerprint reader for added security to prevent unauthorized use and network access.

“Couriers have been asking for a high quality, lower cost device and now it is here. We expect this device to bring more new users to the table, making investments in technology for their businesses” said Ganoe.

The Zebra Technologies ES400 runs a new version of Microsoft mobile OS, Windows Embedded Handheld. This helps to ensure legacy application compatibility, security and device management needs.

The ES400 includes state-of-the-art features such as customizable home screen , enhanced dialer, enterprise camera solution that functions as a scanner for reading both 1D and 2D barcodes, enterprise class durability, a 600MHz ARM 11 processor, extra large memory footprint (256 MB RAM/1GB Flash)and user accessible microSD card slot supporting up to 32GB of additional storage. Overall device interaction is now highly intuitive, following extensive human studies from Zebra Technologies’ award-winning Industrial Design team were used to improve ergonomics and device design.

An industry first for this device category, the ES400 includes a custom and customizable business-class interface to provide faster, easier access to applications and features, enabling users to tailor the interface to improve their unique work flow to maximize job efficiency. Also improved is the GPS, enabling signal lock in challenging areas where signals typically are weak.

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