As products evolve and consumer demands change cold storage warehouse space is a more critical branch of the supply chain than ever. Products being stored in these refrigerated warehouses include frozen and refrigerated food, pharmaceuticals, petro-chemicals and high-tech electronics. Many of these products are strictly regulated by government agencies such as the FDA. To maintain compliant with these regulations many cold storage operations are focusing on implementing industry best practices. A top priority has continued to be temperature forecasting and monitoring and technology upgrades. Forecasting temperature demand helps businesses operating in the cold chain to accommodate to changes in product demand and the financial implications. Completing inventory forecasts often will help to give your business a clear understanding of storage space requirements and what changes can be made the make the most of your existing facility space. One way cold storage warehouses are making the most of their space is by implementing temporary curtains that allow them to break up facility space in order to create, expand or reduce the square footage of temperature zones. The flexibility of this tool helps refrigerated warehouse operators to reduce energy consumption while also ensuring temperature consistency to avoid spoiling. In an effort to avoid the average 6 recalls that occur in the U.S. each day cold storage warehouses are implementing new and cutting edge technologies to aid in the tracking and monitoring of inventory temperature and condition. These tools include: thermometers for manual QA readings on an inventory or temperature zone level, RFID tags for passive temperature monitoring and location identification, data loggers for in-transit deliveries direct-to-customer, smart shipping containers for LTL and FTL shipments, and WMS for a centralized data collection and storage database. All of these tools used in varying combinations can help cold storage warehouses to reduce costs, improve data accuracy, guarantee product quality and maintain regulatory compliance. Evaluate how these technologies can help your refrigerated warehouse implement industry best practices in temperature monitoring and tracking and solve any pre-existing QA issues today. Contact Datex experts with questions or for more information on this topic at or 800.933.2839 ext 243.

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