Discover Datex 3pl WMS cold storage software and applications- inside Datex Footprint WMS. You can see our cold storage software 3pl wms application is a Microsoft-based application that is designed very similar to Outlook. I want to demonstrate some of the highlights today and hopefully get you interested in seeing a full demonstration of our cold storage software. So the application is designed with a 3pl wms cold storage warehouse in mind. You do have the capability of setting up multi-owners within the application and each owner can have multiple projects so each owner can have multiple subsidiaries within the software. What I mean by that is you can quickly see that I have an owner called “Tyson” and under “Tyson” you can have as many different projects as you wanted and each one of the billing contracts are associated to the individual projects. Some features that we have specific for 3PL cold storage for billing are temperature categories. So temperature categories can be assigned to different rooms, locations, areas of the warehouse and then you can associate temperature category rules. Now the rules are associated to the individual items themselves so if I assign an item a “Freezer Only” rule, it can only live in the freezer. If I assign it to a freezer, cooler and dry room, it can live in all three but I can set up the priorities; so freezer as its priority one, cooler priority two, dry priority three. Some other features that we have as well if I go to my Material Master File and I go under “Stampede Meats” I can see that I have multiple products. And each one of these products I can track in my cold storage foftware 3pl wms via Lot and I can also track if it is fixed weight or variable weight so you do have the capability of controlling that as well. You have the capability of, again, selecting that temperature mixing so if I don’t want this to live in any other area besides the freezer I can just put it in a “Freezer Only rule. You also have the capability of viewing Lots for this particular item. So, again, this is a Lot under this item so Lot Code 63 and I can see all the specific details of this Lot; how many I have in the warehouse so you can see I have 500, how many by location and how many by, say, particular Pallet ID. I can also see all of the inbound orders this came in on. I can see all of the outbound orders this shipped out on and all of the task history associated with this particular item. So you can see we received it, we put it away and nothing else has happened to it. Some other items on the 3pl side of things to streamline your cold storage software billing process; our application is based off of a billing contract so, again, taking a look at “Tyson” you have the capability of creating your 3pl wms billing contracts however you’re billing your customers. Most of our cold storage software customers say bill on either Pallet ID so I’m changing this to do inbound handling by License Plate, Static Quantity and I’m billing let’s just say $5 a pallet. And you can also bill say, another popular one is say maybe by the hundredth weight so say I’m doing anniversary billings so my recurring cold storage I have by License Plate and I can say “Well I want to bill on calculated net weight, gross weight, etc.” So I’ want to say it’s based off of the gross weight, I’m going to enable “Divide By” calculation so it will divide my pounds by a hundred to get that true hundred weight. Now I’l say what my cycle is. So my cycle can be predefined so if I’m doing accounting by “First of Month”, I have the capability to set that up on the first day of every month. Or I can do an anniversary cycle and it says well maybe it’s on a 30-day anniversary cycle which is as we all know, not the same as monthly billing. So I will say that I am charging 50 cents per hundred pounds. Within the application you would set up your entire cold storage software rate sheet for your customer and have the application automate the billing for you. And lastly I’ll just leave you with Outbound Order Entry. So when we’re creating outbound orders, we do have the capability of, again, selecting what customer this is for so we’ll stick with the “Tyson”. We can go ahead and create, you can just enter in say, what item you want the system to send out and the system will use the Allocation rules and determine the best Lot, etc. You can order out by net or gross weight; so say you wanted to order out 500 pounds, the system will go go ahead and determine how many cases that best fit that weight classification. You can also select it based on specific LPs so if you wanted to allocate or your customer is asking or requesting for specific LPs you can go ahead and do that. So I’m requesting these specific LPs: 966, 67 and 472 and I can go ahead and add them to my order line. So our cold storage software solution application allows for multiple ways of order entry and as you can see, we can handle all the temperature categories, all of the track and trace requirements that you’ll require as well as all of the unique ways that your customer may order out product from your cold storage warehouse. If you have any additional questions about our cold storage software, cold storage warehouse management, or the cold storage industry in general, feel free to contact one of our Datex sales representatives and we’ll be more than happy to set up a live demonstration for you and your cold storage business.

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