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2015 Order Management Concerns

Order Fulfillment Expectations

As omni-channel retail networks become more complex and customer’s demands advance it is important to understand both your customer’s expectations and how your supply chain business performs the functions necessary to meet those expectations. Understanding retail...
Infographic- Why Choose EDI?

Infographic- Why Choose EDI?

Many supply chain operations are opting toward eliminating communication methods of the past such as fax, email and mail for placing orders, sending invoices and much more. This is where electronic data interchange (EDI) comes in. As more and more tasks are outsourced...
3PL IT Capabilities

3PL IT Capabilities

In an industry where customer service is key it is critical to focus on factors that affect your ability to service customers effectively. This is what the third party logistics industry has turned its focus to in recent years. While 69% of 3PLs think that their...

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