CLEARWATER, Fla,. (PRWEB) April 11, 2018

3PL warehouse management software developer Datex recently launched
a new HTML5 web portal, enabling customers of third party logistics providers to have 24/7 online access to information about their inventory and operations. HTML5 is the most recent version of Hypertext Markup Language, the code used to describe web pages. An ever-evolving standard, HTML5 is cross-platform, royalty-free and can be used to develop complex, feature-rich applications that run in a browser.

As a 3PL, managing a variety of inventory types and warehouse operations for multiple customers within the same facility often presents challenges. 3PLs tend to have greater complexity in operations. Because of this, third party logistics providers benefit from using warehouse management software that has been developed specifically to meet the needs of 3PL operations.Typically, customers of third party logistics providers rely on customer service representatives to make changes to orders, run reports, provide them with information about inventory and other critical operational details. Providing exceptional customer service while keeping costs under control is essential to any 3PL business

Customers of 3PLs can now access the Datex ePortal online 24/7 using any kind of device. They can interact with the Datex 3PL WMS to run reports, make changes to inventory and operations and more, all without intervention by a customer service representative. “We have seen an increase in customer satisfaction rates,” reported Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Michael Armanious. “With the increased speed of operations today, our 3PL clients highly value this enhanced tool that helps their customers be more independent and pro-active. Customers wanted to be able to access inventory, shipments, reports and other information on their iPads, iPhones, Android tables and Smartphones and now can easily do this. It’s a win-win for all concerned.”

The new Datex ePortal includes a suite of tools that makes it easy to personalize the online portal experience. Using the new query functionality, users can now customize views, menus, reports and more. Reports can be automated to ensure streamlined delivery. By using HTML5, the Datex ePortal adapts automatically for use on any browser or device. The most popular browsers including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Mobile Safari, Internet Explorer and Android’s browser, support HTML5 but not necessarily the full range of features. Of these browsers, Firefox supports the widest range of HTML5 features, followed by Chrome and Safari.

HTML5 enables a truly mobile-friendly user experience by resizing automatically to accommodate each device. No browser plug-ins are needed. The HTML5 web portal provides an improved user experience (UX), enables more personalization for software users and is simple to learn and use.

About Datex

A Microsoft Gold Partner, Datex provides flexible, reliable supply chain technology solutions to help make businesses more profitable. In successful operation since 1978, Datex has helped companies operate more efficiently and productively. Datex can provide state-of-the-art technology including award winning Microsoft-based warehouse management software, mobile devices and services such as EDI and mobile device management. Datex Footprint® WMS relies on workflow to power accurate, efficient productive business processes. Using a workflow-based warehouse management system enables companies to fast-track implementations, save costly professional fees and valuable time. For more information, please contact Laura Olson, Director of Sales and Marketing at 727-400-3641.


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