Supply chain software developer and 3PL expert Datex recently joined the Transportation & Logistics Council (TLC) and will be exhibiting at their annual conference in Orlando Florida March 21-23rd, 2022. Billed as “Education for Transportation Professionals”, the event will include a panel discussion on the aftermath of the COVID pandemic and include workshops on property brokers and 3PLs; bills of lading; supply chain security; international trade and other topics of interest to the transportation-oriented audience.

Transportation & Logistics Council members include shippers, brokers, third party logistics companies, consultants and others involved in shipping, transportation, and logistics. The association provides access to current, practical information involved with shipping and transportation.

The annual educational conference features opportunities to hear experts and real-world practitioners discuss current trends, solutions to everyday challenges and the latest technologies. In addition, conference attendees will be provided with information on transportation insurance, legal issues, and freight claims.

“We are excited about the opportunity to interact and learn from others in the industry we have the pleasure to serve” stated Michael Armanious, Chief Revenue Officer for Datex.


About Datex

In business for over 42 years, Datex is a leading provider of hardware to transportation and third logistics providers specializing in last mile delivery. In addition, Datex is a software developer of Microsoft-based warehouse management solutions, geared towards 3PL operations. Datex specializes in providing end-to-end solutions including software, hardware, EDI, integrations, project management, implementation, and other services.

Datex acts as a “one stop shop”, handling device configuration, courier software & SIM card load, barcode symbology testing, setup, managed services including mobile device management and more. Known for its exceptional service, Datex acts as the single point of contact between hardware and software manufacturers eliminating wasted time, effort, and cost. Longstanding partnerships with Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, AT&T, Microsoft, and other industry leaders enable Datex to provide low-cost solutions to meet every business needs. For more information, please visit


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