Estudio de Caso – Van Wagner Communications

Van Wagner CommunicationsHace establecido más de 30 años, Van Wagner Communications ha convertido en una empresa de publicidad de renombre mundial con sede en Nueva York, Washington DC y Los Ángeles. A principios de los años ochenta, Van Wagner Comunicaciones amplió sus servicios para extender a un mercado internacional. Van Wagner Communications proporciona y mantiene boletines publicitarios, muros, cabinas telefónicas, envolturas de la construcción, y señalización en los estadios deportivos.


Simply put, Van Wagner Communications outgrew its existing data management system. It was no longer feasible to manage such a high number of clients and projects in spreadsheet fashion. Datex Corporation studied the business operations of Van Wagner Communications. It became immediately obvious that Van Wagner was doing much of their management manually. This proved to be tedious and timely, wasting manpower hours daily. It was later found that data integrity was being compromised due to this process. Hard copy work orders did not allow for realtime updates and field technicians were forced to jot notes on each work order by hand. This allowed for incomplete notation and inconsistency among field technicians.