Zebra’s ZXP Series 8 Secure Issuance printer meets industry standards with the highest level of security and reliability. Easily boost customer satisfaction with its speed and security. With its physical and logical security locks that protect the input hopper, reject bin and media inside the printer it keeps information safe from unauthorized access. The ZXP Series 8 contains a lock and AES-128 encryption that protects sensitive data during network transmission. The cards are not able to be seen while in the input or output hopper. This is ideal for government issued drivers licenses, access control cards, voter registration, personal gifts and smart cards. Along with providing security it reduces operational costs and increases revenues. With its instant issuance there is no need for enveloped or postage costs and you gain the comfort of knowing it will not get lost or stolen in the mail.

For businesses that need to ensure quality in their products, such as government IDs you want to ensure the best print quality, which is possible with retransfer printing. The ZXP Series 8 is a retransfer printer giving you a better quality print, options to print on an uneven card, edge to edge printing, more durable cards, and fraud protection.

To learn more about the ZXP Series 8 Secure Issuance printer from Zebra Technologies or other hardware products contact Datex experts today at 800.933.2839, www.datex.com or at marketing@datexcorp.com.


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