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Top Dimensioner iDimension 100 & Datex WMS

Developed to improve throughput as well as faster more accurate shipments, the iDimension 100 is an affordable, easy to use dimensioner that integrates with Datex warehouse management solutions. Designed to help ensure freight compliance and deter revenue loss from miscalculated dimensions, the iDimension 100 can be used in a wide variety of operations from warehouses, distribution centers, mail counters and by small businesses.

Dimensioning System Helps Reduce Shipping Costs

  • Provides parcel dimensions without manual measurement
  • Dimensioning system increases shipping accuracy
  • Helps with DIMS shipping issues
  • Dimensioner helps ensure freight compliance
  • Dimensioner aids in optimizing time & throughput
  • Rapid, accurate dimensioner operation eliminates manual measurements

Easy to Use Dimensioning System

  • User friendly interface reduces training time
  • Dimensioner accessible from any PC or tablet
  • Dimensioner connects immediately to Internet
  • Dimensioning system requires minimal training/set up

With the change toward dimensional weight billing, companies can benefit from utilizing dimensioners to help optimize packaging and save money.

Dimensioning System Features:

  • Calculates NTEP Certified dimensions of irregular-shaped parcels
  • No PC required to operate dimensioner
  • Dimensioning system provides “plug and play functionality”
  • Easy setup and operation of dimensioner
  • Simple, open-web service API interfaces to third party software
  • Dimensioner works with various shipping management software
  • Optional PC connection available with provided Ethernet cable
  • Can interface with most NTEP Certified shipping scales
  • Ideal for retail, office, shipping, mail centers, warehouse & distribution and other environments

iDimension 100 Dimensioner Benefits:

  • Start using dimensioner immediately
  • Dimensioning system improves efficiency
  • Dimensioner helps ensure freight compliance
  • Aids in deterring revenue loss from miscalculated dimensions
  • Dimensioner reduces processing time & errors

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