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SAP Business One and Datex

Used by distribution, 3PL, warehouse and manufacturing operations across the world, SAP Business One provides rich functionality that pairs well with Datex supply chain software. Pairing SAP Business One and Datex Footprint® WMS provides the cross functional support needed by growing, small and medium sized supply chain businesses. Full integration to SAP Business One provides a seamless flow of information from system to system and provides real time accurate information visibility throughout the warehouse.
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What Can You Expect from a SAP Business One-Datex Footprint® WMS Integrated Solution?

  • Real time accurate, actionable intelligence with which you can make better, faster decisions
  • Built in Customer Relationship Management (CRM):  manage sales opportunities and process activities, contacts, contract administration and service planning
  • User customizable alerts and reporting
  • Flexible workflow based solutions that allow your organization to make changes quickly and easily
  • Embedded sales and service functionality
  • Customizable dashboards
  • State-of-the-art technology to power your operation, no matter the size
  • Streamlined implementation for your business

More Options for Your Operation

  • Flexible allocation strategy by expiration date, FIFO, FEFO, LIFO, LMFO
  • Complete traceability by UPC, SKU, Lot, vat, ingredient and more
  • Flexible picking styles including zone, batch, cluster and more
  • Workflow based solution facilitates customizable business processes that can save time & labor
  • More functionality including shipping management, carrier shopping and cartonization
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More Accurate Efficient Operations

  • Use of system with barcode enabled processes helps increase operational accuracy and efficiency
  • System stores documents digitally and helps to reduce clerical overhead
  • Works with RFID to provide more options for both passive and active location of inventory

Learn more about SAP Business One

For more information about SAP Business One, visit their website.


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