Cloud, SaaS, and On-Premise WMS

Everyone is talking about the Cloud-but is it right for your operation? See a Demo

For years, warehouse management systems were not thought to be ideal for Cloud deployment. Complete reliance on Internet connectivity and the need for seamless integration with complex systems including material handling solutions were often deciding factors for many businesses. Today WMS is no longer limited to on-premise implementations.  The integration barrier has been reduced as warehouse workers, systems and equipment can connect wirelessly with WMS.

Before you evaluate warehouse management systems, learn more about deployment options.

What is the best decision for your business?

Cloud WMS

  • Pay by the month
  • Lower upfront cost
  • Enables you to scale or downsize based on seasonal and other needs
  • Easy access from any Internet-enabled location
  • Shorter implementation time
  • Software vendor performs upgrades & maintains environment

On-Premise WMS

  • You are in control-you own the license
  • Does not rely on Internet connection
  • Enhanced performance of printers, wireless scanning etc.
  • Immediate access to data for backups, disaster recovery & more
  • Integration and reporting ready due to direct SQL access
  • Create and manage testing environments as needed
  • Seamless integration with other types of software

Datex provides two types of licensing models, perpetual and subscription.  Purchasing perpetual licenses enables the use of the licensed software indefinitely.  Subscription licenses provide access to the WMS software product, features and functions.  The monthly subscription fee includes access to the core product, elected optional modules and user access based on the number of named users.  The monthly subscription fee includes access to technical support and includes additional features such as server maintenance, backup, disaster recovery and technical support.  (Please consult a Datex Software Solutions Consultant for detailed information about features, functionality and what is covered in perpetual and subscription licenses.)

Datex can also provide you with a hybrid solution.  Many Datex clients purchase perpetual software licenses and use Datex hosting services in order to reduce the need for onsite IT resources.  These licenses are then made available via a Cloud delivery model.  Contact us today for more information.

See what Datex FootPrint WMS can do for you.

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