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Third Party Billing

Highly Customizable Multi-Client Billing

Datex is renowned for its highly flexible, configurable billing system, developed to please even the most fastidious financial management professional and accounting systems experts.  Whether you need a breakdown of job costs, business intelligence regarding each customer account or the capability of billing for an unusual parameter, our billing software solution can meet your needs.

Generates billing invoice

  • By client
  • By client/project
  • Recurring
  • On the fly

Able to add static monthly charges automatically

  • Support fees
  • Management fees
  • And much more

Able to calculate variable charges based on:

  • Location utilization
  • Number of shipments
  • Case picks
  • Single picks
  • Receipts
  • Returns
  • Other factors

Invoice forms are easy to:

  • Design
  • Assign rules to
  • Assign to client/project
  • Allows users to manually add one-off charges as needed
  • Handles export data feeds
    • Export invoice data to an outside system
  • Print, fax and email invoices to desired recipients
    • Based on per client or project rules

Billing Features

  • Flexible, Automated, Auditable
  • Acessorial Charges
    • Automation of 1x/Month charges
    • Ability to bill for non-activity based charges
  • Handling and Storage Charges
    • Storage Billing Options
    • Billing by Picking Type.Method
    • Billing by Order Entry Type (EDI, manual, etc.)
    • Billing by Load Type
  • Charge accrual based on Transactions
  • Charge accrual based on Configurable Periods
  • Billing File Updates based on effective date
  • Rates Structures based on Activity Codes
  • Rates Structures based on Customers
  • Ability to bill multiple SKUs within same customer
  • Rates Structures based on Groups of SKUs
  • Billing by Anniversary Date
  • Pre Invoice Charge Audits
  • Customer Invoicing
  • Invoice Generation with custom invoice formats
    • Ability to put logo on invoice
    • Ability to add/change payment terms / verbiage
    • Ability to adjust level of details shown on invoice
  • Invoice Printing and tracking reprints
  • Invoice by UOM other than inventoried UOM for products
  • Bill by CWT

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