As a technology solutions provider focused on supporting the third-party logistics (3PL) industry, Datex has spent many years developing and perfecting its service offerings targeted towards 3PLs. As the logistics industry continues to see growth in competition it is important for logistics providers to focus on better serving customers while remaining profitable. One 3PL specific tool designed by Datex to help increase profitability is the 3PL Billing Module. This add-on module is designed to capture more revenue and reduce the labor costs associated to capturing and managing billing records and invoicing. This presentation will review the top five features of the Datex Footprint® WMS 3PL Billing Module. Firstly, the 3PL Billing Module offers a powerful, workflow powered Billing Strategy Wizard. This tools walks users step-by-step through contract creation. Using this tool an infinite number of contract lines can be entered with varying rates, schedules and activities. The Billing Strategy Wizard helps to increase the flexibility of billing which can be attractive opportunity for new and existing clients. Once contracts are created they function on their own, but can be edited at any time. The next feature designed specifically for your 3PL business is custom activity based billing. This functionality allows you to set different rates/fees for each customer and each activity type such as kitting, assembly and packaging. These value-add service fees are captured automatically using RF devices in real-time or with the workflow feature as the specified activity is completed. This helps to reduce manual data entry and improves billing accuracy. With the 3PL Billing Module your business can also simplify custom storage billing processes. Also a workflow powered process, custom rates and schedules can be set for each customer and billing records are generated automatically. Similarly, custom inventory handling billing can be customized for inbound, outbound and special handling, all automatically generating billing records. Lastly, the 3PL Billing Module can be integrated into your existing 3rd party accounting software packages (check for supported software). When invoices are generated they can be transferred directly into the accounting package, helping to reduce manual data entry. To learn more about the Datex Footprint® WMS 3PL Billing software or other logistics solutions contact Datex experts today at 800.933.2839 or marketing@datexcorp.com.

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