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mcaaSupply chain and logistics software developer, Datex announced it plans to launch an exclusive offer for MCAA members at the upcoming “Last Mile Delivery Forum” in Hollywood, Florida September 30th to October 2nd. The annual MCAA event unites shippers and service providers in a three day conference and exhibition to explore the changing industry and government regulatory changes. “We have had tremendous interest from couriers nationwide,” explained Kim Ganoe, Hardware Solutions Consultant for Datex. “Every day, we receive calls and e-mails from couriers who are looking for technological solutions such as hardware and warehouse management systems. Our special offer, exclusively for MCAA members, will be for a low cost warehouse management system solution especially developed for third party logistics providers. The courier industry has begun to see the value in letting technology take a lead role in maximizing their business efficiency and our company specializes in being a “one stop shop” for the courier industry. Datex has a wealth of experience providing effective solutions for carriers and third party logistics providers. Our satisfied customers are spreading the word about us at courier associations nationwide so we expect to have huge turnout at our booth.”Current economic conditions are forcing businesses to explore new ways to maximize efficiency and cut costs. Technology can play a major role in increasing productivity, reducing errors and improving customer satisfaction. Today, many third party logistics providers that are involved in courier operations are adding warehouse management software and hardware such as handheld computers and barcode scanners to capture signatures and real time information about packages and inventory to facilitate tracking, scheduling and processing. The use of electronic data capture enhances the company’s ability to process packages much more efficiently with less time consuming, costly errors.

Datex has established long-standing partnerships with Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, AT&T, Microsoft and other industry leaders and has provided solutions for couriers across the United States. Hardware Solutions Consultant Kim Ganoe will be available for consultation during the three day event and can also be reached on LinkedIn.

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