Datex FootPrint 3PL WMS

Small Business Edition


  • Datex FootPrint 3PL WMS
  • 3PL Billing
  • Ability to customize labeling, reporting & documentation for 3PL clients
  • ePortal for 24/7/365 customer data visibility
  • Core business essential warehouse and inventory management functionality
small business 3pl

Datex recognizes that small businesses have special needs.

Rather than investing in features that your business does not currently need, Datex has developed SBE (Small Business Edition) software for less complex and start up warehouse and 3PL operations. Datex includes “business essentials” 3PL software features developed to make your business more efficient, productive and accurate to save time and labor at an affordable package price.

Empower your business with flexible, automated workflow based business processes. Pair Datex SBE WMS software with RF mobile devices to capture and bill for all accessorial charges in real time. The Datex suite of warehouse management software tools will enable your business to be more competitive and successful in business development efforts.


Available in Hosted or Licensed Editions

Available as a web-based solution, Datex Small Business Edition WMS and 3PL WMS solutions require no long term commitment and includes Datex managed system upgrades and backups. As an added benefit, Datex SBE WMS reduces your company’s need for internal IT resources.

3PL Billing and Management Key Features

Third party logistics providers must be able to accommodate the diverse needs of all their customers. Using Datex FootPrint WMS enables 3PLs to capture all revenue in real time and bill according to each client’s needs using our workflow driven billing engine.
  • Ability to capture and bill for accessorial charges
  • Ability to automatically export invoices to third party accounting software
  • Ability to customize billing
  • Customize label printing for each 3PL client
  • Real time revenue capture


ePortal Provides 24/7/365 Visibility for 3PL Clients

Datex FootPrint WMS increases customer satisfaction levels by providing real time online access to data, reports and more without increasing customer service labor
  • Run reports customized for their specific business
  • Upload orders, review tasks and initiate order transfers
  • Review inventory information, invoices, documents and file attachments, shipments and orders

Streamlines Core Inbound & Outbound Operational Functionality

Datex FootPrint WMS is a highly reliable robust system that requires little support or intervention by IT resources. The Datex warehouse management system empowers users with a suite of time and labor saving features that are easy to learn, use and master.
  • Handles variable/catch weight inventory
  • Provides for user directed and multi-step putaway
  • Enables parsed barcode receiving
  • Supports RF picking and putaway
  • Supports blind receiving and inbound ASN order processing
  • Supports inventory transfers
  • Supports pick and pack processing
  • Facilitates real-time inventory processing
  • Enables RF putaway and picking
  • Enables basic shipment manifesting


Inventory Management

The Datex WMS provides excellent tracking and quality control features as well as tools for yard management.
  • Facilitates real time revenue capture
  • Inventory inspections and holds
  • Supports multi-customer and multi-warehouse set up
  • Provides signature capture
  • Enables inventory Lot control
  • Enable temperature capture and tracking
  • Enables wave creation
  • Supports pallet tracking
  • Provides dock door scheduling capabilities

Find out what Datex FootPrint WMS can do for you.