3PL WMS Pharma Edition

Pharmaceutical 3PL WMS

Handling, storing, tracking and shipping regulated products such as pharmaceuticals and pharm grade inventory throughout the supply chain is complicated and requires a sophisticated state-of-the-art WMS. Datex FootPrint WMS includes a suite of workflow based automated tools that ensure accurate, efficient operations with real time visibility.

Whether the business is a manufacturer that handles components, a re-packager or distributor that handles pharma grade finished goods or a third party logistics provider, Datex FootPrint WMS has the tools needed to provide product traceability, documentation, validation and regulatory compliance. The Datex warehouse management system includes the ability to store certificates such as DEA CSOS 222 forms, COA, photos, inspections and more and facilitates FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Datex WMS software includes a full suite of tools including a comprehensive audit trail, security roles and permissions and signature capture.

With the 2013 passage of the FDA Drug Quality Security Act (DQSA), third party logistics companies now are identified as part of the supply chain. The regulation impacts supply chain businesses as it mandates a traceability system based on an ownership model rather than a change of possession. The new traceability standard requires businesses to provide and retain transaction information including history and statements to each owner for six consecutive years following the transfer. DQSA preempts all state laws, regulations and requirements for tracing products through the supply chain. Datex FootPrint WMS includes advanced track and trace capability to enable businesses to meet new regulatory requirements.

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3PL Billing and Management for Pharmaceuticals and Pharma Grade Inventory

Datex FootPrint WMS includes an easy to use billing wizard. Using RF devices ensures real time capture and automated billing per contract of all accessorial fees, increasing potential revenue.

  • Datex FootPrint WMS for 3PL WMS pharmaceutical solutions includes an easy to use billing wizard. Using RF devices ensures real time capture and automated billing per contract of all accessorial fees, increasing potential revenue.
  • Includes the ability to handle flexible billing strategies to meet every business need
  • Supports anniversary and recurrent billing strategies

Empower your 3PL Clients with Real Time 24/7/365 Online Visibility via ePortal

Increase client satisfaction rates by providing your customers with immediate access to mission critical information including inventory data and reports.

  • Enable customers to run reports customized for their business
  • Enables customers to upload orders, start order transfers and review tasks
  • Allows customers to review orders, shipments, inventory, invoices and file attachments

Putaway and Picking of Pharma Inventory

  • Drug class picking segregation
  • Item putaway cross validation

Pharmaceutical Order Processing

  • Enables management of sample program
  • GS1 barcode processing
  • Enables processing of high volume of orders

Managing Pharmaceutical and Regulated Inventory

Datex software includes powerful features such as putaway processes with location constraints for different types of inventory including controlled substances and products that require refrigeration. A variety of allocation strategies are supported including FIFO, FEFO, FMFO, LIFO, LMFO.

  • Inventory transfer
  • Signature capture
  • Kitting and assembly
  • Tracking of labor
  • Return of products
  • Serialization and Lot control
  • Change control and security management
  • Rate shopping for shipping carriers
  • Temperature capture and tolerance measurement
  • Variable volume tracking
  • Wave creation
  • Supports multiple packaging levels & units of measure
  • Can flag inventory that is damaged, expired or recalled
  • Validation service included
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Ensures Regulatory Compliance, Quality and Traceability of Pharmaceutical & Regulated Inventory

Support quality control and compliance needs using Datex FootPrint WMS advanced features including the ability to change inventory status by Lot, location or license plate and handle multiple simultaneous holds with automated scheduled releases.

  • FDA validation & compliance
  • Drug Enforcement Agency Form 222 processing
  • Inventory holds, inspections & quarantines
  • Product quarantine & destruction management
  • Quality control features
  • Multi-level package tracking
  • Track and trace by Lot, serial number, package, vial, batch, UPC, SKU & more
  • Recall tracking and enforcement

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