Datex FootPrint Warehouse Management Software (WMS) reporting

WMS Reporting

Using Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SSRS)

Datex FootPrint WMS provides even non-technical users with the ability to create customized reports on the fly without costly professional technical assistance. The Datex warehouse management system (WMS) equips your business with the flexibility needed to make immediate changes so that your users will always have access to critical information on demand.

Your Reports, Think Drag and Drop

Reporting gives your company a way of gathering information about your business and warehouse operations so that you can plan, make and support business decisions. Datex FootPrint WMS uses Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) Builder, a server based report generation system to create a variety of interactive and printed reports via a web interface. Users can view, subscribe to and manage reports including tabular, graphical interactive or free form and include rich data visualization including charts and maps. Reports can be exported to other applications and produced in a variety of formats.

Datex has done extensive work on the Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) reporting model and enabled the set up and smooth flow of data so that now even non-technical users can build their own reports without any technical assistance. Users simply select the fields they want then drag and drop the fields into place in the Report Builder. Users can edit, create and interact with information without relying on any technical staff resources or the Datex team to create customized reports. This not only saves money from costly professional fees and IT resources but also allows your team to have faster delivery of information to your business, enabling quick critical decision making.


Datex FootPrint WMS

Non-technical users can drag and drop fields to createreports in the format they desire

Reports can be shared and made available via web portal*

Customized reports can also be set up as subscriptions for easy access and use

Table joins already created

Other WMS

Many competitors use Crystal Reports, requiring payment of costly professional service hours billed by IT professionals or developers

Creating customized reports typically requires the added expense of programmers or developers •

Typically there are delays in setting up reports for use by your business

Working directly from raw tables

*requires purchase of ePortal


Features and Functionality

Easy to use drag and drop requires no specialized training or expertise to use

Users can select fields, even user defined fields then position them to create the desired reporting format

Users can create graphs, charts, maps and other diagrams

Real time data is used, making reports interactive

Reports can be established then shared with other users

Reports can be made available via a web portal *

Users can subscribe to reports for easier use

Information visibility can be restricted based upon role

*requires purchase of ePortal



Huge savings in money and time for your business

Immediate access to real time information on demand

Ease of use

Reduced frustrations

Who will this benefit?

All sized warehouse operations, distribution centers, manufacturers, third party logistics (3PL) providers, including those with multiple warehouse locations and virtual warehouses.

All Datex FootPrint WMS users will enjoy the freedom to have the information they need, whenever they need it in the format of their choice. Whether users are working in sales, finance, operations or management, they have the ability to create customized reports to suit their need and role. This will also impact your customers as they can also receive customized reports without technical assistance or intervention by Datex professionals.