Labor Management System

Whether your business is suffering from a labor shortage or just needs to improve workforce productivity and control the cost of your labor resources, the Datex Labor Management Module can help.

Boost labor efficiency and workforce productivity using the Datex Labor Management System by focusing on these major areas:

  • Labor planning
  • Labor measurement
  • Workforce tracking and monitoring
  • Labor reporting


How the Datex Labor Management System Task Engine Works

The powerful Datex task management engine assigns tasks to individual warehouse workers based on the following criteria:

  • Priority:  the importance of the task
  • Proximity:  how efficiently a warehouse worker can complete the task based upon their current location
  • Permission:  if a warehouse worker is permitted to do the specific task

The task management engine is powered by the Datex workflow which relies on sophisticated business logic and decision-making.


Some of the benefits of the Datex Labor Management System

 Workforce Visibility:

  • Provides real time data to better manage and monitor your workforce
  • Enables tracking and monitoring of each warehouse worker

 Labor Cost and Time Savings:

  • Can help to reduce labor costs
  • Saves processing and response time
  • Helps to reduce wasted time and “deadheads”

 Improve Workforce Productivity:

  • Helps to maximize the productivity of each warehouse worker
  • Can help to identify productivity gaps, including those for workers whose effort involves multiple steps
  • Streamline operations by automatically assigning tasks to mobile (RF) users

 Make Better Decisions:

  • Use real time data for improved decision-making
  • Identify key trends so that you can plan and react accordingly

 Measure Workforce Performance:

  • Objectively measures the performance of each warehouse worker
  • Can help identify underperforming shifts or workers

 Plan and react effectively:

  • Helps you to plan your workload
  • Provides alerts and notifications enable you to react more quickly
  • Enables you to identify, identify and react to trends
Workforce Visibility

Easy to use, the Datex Labor Management System gives you complete visibility of your workforce.

The Datex WMS Labor Management System includes all the functionality on one screen.  Information is displayed on tabs so that users can simply move back and forth without having to leave the main screen.  This minimizes errors and reduces processing time.

  • Manage your entire workforce from one screen
  • Save time by using easy to follow color-coordinated user status
  • Enjoy flexibility:  you have the option to assign manually or have the system assign using workflow automation
  • Produce customized reports in the format of your choice
  • Have information at your fingertips:  the task history tab shows mobile users’ entire history of tasks
  • Maximize time and productivity using the workforce planning and scheduling capabilities
  • Helps optimize tasks
  • Provides real time labor visibility and monitoring
  • Make better decisions with better information:  real time workforce data can be used for analysis, planning and decision-making
Workforce Management

Workforce Management Features

  • Workforce resource allocation and tracking
  • Real time visibility of workforce activity
  • Detailed customizable labor reporting
  • Workforce planning
  • Gauge productivity by tracking the time needed for tasks
  • Workflow automated

Multi-Task Interleaving

Multi-Task Interleaving

Studies show that 50-60% of warehouse workers’ time is spent traveling.  The process of multi-task interleaving involves executing multiple tasks in a single trip.  As a warehouse worker finishes a task, the system determines the next task based on overall warehouse and task priority as well as to proximity to the work area.   The Datex Labor Management System reviews changing priorities and conditions and can bypass tasks that would potentially cause congestion in specific locations.  Typical interleaving tasks include receiving, repacking, shipping and more.

The broader the list of potential tasks that are defined in the task management engine, the more possibilities for potential work assignments.  This increases the opportunities to efficiently reduce deadheading, efficiently combine tasks and enhance labor productivity.

Datex Multi-Task Interleaving helps your business “do more with less”.  By optimizing the amount of work your labor resources can do by handling multiple tasks in close proximity, there is less wasted time and effort.


Using task interleaving may lead to changes in scheduling, flow and layout in order to maximize workforce productivity gains.  Using data available from the Datex Labor Management System can enable better planning and coordination of workforce resources to achieve optimal results.

Multi-Task Interleaving Benefits

  • Reduces deadheading
  • Helps boost labor productivity
  • Aids in improving operational efficiency
  • Helps to reduce the number of labor resources needed

Labor Management Resources

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