3PL WMS providers are critical elements of the supply chain logistics environment and provide critical services for companies seeking expertise in inventory management and supply chain logistics. Dealing with multiple clients in numerous industries increases the level of complexity for accurate, efficient operations. Datex FootPrint 3PL WMS is a comprehensive Warehouse Management System developed for the 3PL industry. The system helps a 3PL WMS company accommodate the needs of multiple customers with varying needs and businesses practices.

3PL Billing


Billing Management

Datex FootPrint WMS makes 3pl wms billing simple with an easy to use Wizard. Once a contract is created, a user can set up the account for a 3PL client in minutes simply by selecting the correct parameters and responding to basic questions about contract terms. The Billing Wizard then uses this information to create the billing schedule and executes the 3PL billing strategy automatically. 3PL WMS clients can be billed for recurring storage, initial split month storage, anniversary cycle and more. Third Party Logistics clients love the dependable, accurate billing and providers love the time and labor savings that Datex FootPrint WMS provides.

Datex FootPrint WMS supports:

  • Inbound/outbound handling charges
  • Initial storage with split month billing
  • Anniversary billing
  • Recurring storage billing
  • Accessorial billing based on real time charge capture via RF handheld

Datex FootPrint 3PL WMS Strategy Wizard

Activity based 3PL billing

Datex FootPrint WMS includes an infinite number of user defined fields to allow system customization and the ability to create a complete array of accessorial charges for which clients can be billed. This allows the third party logistics provider to bill for customer specific charges that may not apply to other clients. As warehouse operations tasks are carried out each day for customers, workers can scan and capture accessorial charges for incremental work such as kitting, assembly, packaging and other billable tasks. By capturing these billing events for each customer in real time, the 3PL WMS billing process becomes much more accurate and effective, allowing the third party logistics provider to save on labor and ensure that all potential revenue is captured. This increases potential profitability. Once the accessorial charges are captured, invoices are automatically posted to the customer’s general ledger (GL). Customers are billed based on contracts that the 3PL provider establishes. Multiple custom billing for each inventory owner can be created automatically.


Lot Track and Trace

Datex FootPrint WMS is a warehouse management software that can track and trace by Lot, vat code, SKU, UPC, serial number, batch, component, package or vial.

Ownership transfer

Third party logistics providers frequently encounter the need to transfer inventory between owners. Datex FootPrint WMS provides the ability to record the “outbound shipment” of the original owners’ inventory and the “inbound receipt” for the new owner without having to physically touch inventory or perform typical inbound and outbound processes.

Datex FootPrint WMS Lot Track and Trace

Onboard Customers Quickly and Grow Your 3PL WMS Business

Datex FootPrint WMS relies on workflow rather than static hard coding. A workflow is a set of activities governed by logic and decision making to form a business process. By using workflows as the basis of the warehouse management system to power operational processes, Datex has created a fluid, flexible system that can be changed and customized more easily at much less expense. This allows third party logistics providers to onboard new customers more quickly and efficiently.

More about Workflows

Create Customer Specific Documents and Labels

With the help of third party label software, third party logistics providers can easily create customer specific labels:

Datex Specific Documents and Labels

Datex FootPrint WMS also includes the ability to customize the look of reports, invoices and documents using customer logos and information.


Track Billing and Revenue by Customer

In managing any business, it is essential to know not only the revenue generated by customers but also the cost of each customer. Datex FootPrint WMS helps third party logistics businesses determine profitability and loss by customer by using our sophisticated reporting system.

Our FootPrint WMS warehouse management software includes a robust reporting module that is simple to use. It includes a wide variety of standardized reports. Even non-technical users can create customized reports by simply dragging and dropping fields into the format of their choice. Reporting data is real time, allowing users to use the data to make decisions swiftly using accurate, timely information.

More about Reporting

Warehouse management reporting Module

Find out what Datex FootPrint WMS can do for you.

Provide Real Time Information Visibility for 3PL WMS Clients

Third party logistics customers require access to information regarding their inventory operations. Using the optional ePortal, 3PL customers can have online access to data at all times 24/7/365. Third party logistics customers will be able to view orders, shipments, attachments, inventory, and invoices and run customized reports. 3PL providers establish security parameters for each client user to restrict access to only their own records, assuring high security for system records and processes.

EDI /Interfaces

EDI and Interfaces

Third party logistics providers often require the ability to exchange data electronically using standardized electronic transactions. Trading partners often have established criteria and rules for utilizing data exchange and need to be evaluated on a case by case basis. Datex FootPrint WMS supports the importing and exporting of electronic data (EDI) via the most common formats including XML, CSV, Excel, TXT, X12 transactions and others. Our company has developed staging tables for the common EDI transactions with processes to import/export the data into the appropriate table. Third party logistics (3PL) warehouses primarily use documents that focus on the shipping and receiving process. These standardized documents are pre-formatted X12 data structures that can also be transmitted in any other file format.

With our expertise and many years of experience in dealing with third party logistics (3PLs) and their customers, Datex has a wealth of knowledge available to successfully guide our clients in successful EDI mapping. With well-established industry partners, we provide the solutions to ensure that our clients and their customers enjoy a seamless flow of data between their businesses.

Accounting System and ERP Interfaces

Datex FootPrint WMS currently has interfaces into Microsoft Dynamic (formerly Great Plains), SAP, QuickBooks, Epicor, MAS500, AccPac, Peachtree, NAV as have integrated into MRP and material handling systems.

Shipping System Interfaces

Datex FootPrint WMS currently supports interfaces with shipping systems such as UPS WorldShip, ProShip and FedEx Ship Manager.

ASN/UCC Generation

Third party logistics providers can provide outbound UCC or MH-10 labels based on specific trading partner requirements using our FootPrint WMS software. Labels are designed by a third party tool such as Bartender or Loftware (which must be purchased separately) and are fully incorporated within Datex FootPrint WMS.

Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) is generated from serial information produced within the labels. The EDI module is required to format the ASN into an EDI document.

General Features
Datex FootPrint 3PL WMS General Features

Inbound Operations

  • Crossdocking
  • Dock door appointment scheduling
  • Quality inspections and audits
  • Flow-Through
  • Vendor/Carrier Performance
  • Returns Processing

Inventory Management

  • Inventory control
  • Cycle count/physical count
  • Serialization/serial number tracking
  • Lot management
  • Inventory consolidation
  • Warehouse transfers
  • Work orders
  • Style / color / size

Outbound Operations

  • Cartonization & Replenishment
  • Dynamic pick locations and Inventory allocation
  • Order consolidation
  • Pick/pack & Put to store
  • Multi-channel & Omni-channel fulfillment
  • Pack and hold
  • Item substitution
  • Shipment scheduling


  • Value added accessorial charges
  • In/outbound handling
  • Volume/weight billing
  • Owner-specific billing
  • Recurring storage
  • Anniversary billing
  • Work order billing
  • Automatic invoice generation

Our warehouse management software includes quarterly product upgrades as part of our support and maintenance agreement. This ensures that our customers always have the latest technology available, new innovative features and functionality and more without having to spend thousands of dollars for costly upgrades.

Real Time Live Software Demo

See how a warehouse management system operates live in real time. Our presentation will be personalized for your industry and business type. Our user friendly warehouse management system (WMS) utilizes the latest Microsoft technology and includes a suite of features designed to be flexible and produce time and labor savings. Let us show you and your team how Datex FootPrint WMS can make your operation more productive, efficient and profitable.

Our Warehouse Management System Features Demonstration will showcase the following features and functionality:
  • Inbound
  • Putaway
  • Inventory Management
  • Outbound
  • Order management
  • Yard management
  • Reporting
  • Billing management
  • Workflow
  • Additional Features at your request
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