Shipping Management System

An integrated shipping management system that incorporates rate shopping functionality, documentation and reporting and allows you to manifest by day and carrier.

Lower Shipping Costs

Better Delivery Times

Decrease Delays

Boost Accuracy

Datex Footprint® WMS recently expanded its suite of solution offerings to include a new way to streamline shipping operations.  Shipping management software is achieved with the Datex Shipping Management Module. It is an integrated shipping system that incorporates rate shopping functionality, documentation and reporting and allows users to manifest by day and carrier.

The integrated Shipping Management module of the Datex warehouse management system includes documents for UPS and FedEx and has the ability to produce documentation such as Bill of Lading (BOL) and labels. With multi-carrier and multi-modal capabilities, the Datex Shipping Management software module allows users to compare and contrast accurate current shipping rates across multiple carriers including LTL for comparison based upon specific information within Datex Footprint® WMS about shipments under inquiry

The integrated Shipping Management module reduces time, labor and errors by allowing users to bring in shipments from the warehouse management system directly, manifest from the carrier then prepare labels and documentation. Users can easily view all documents associated with shipments. The Shipping Management module is designed to be connected to a scale and conveyor to ensure that users do not ship under/over weight packages.


  • Resolves the challenge of integrating and automating parcel information with carriers
  • Supports multi-carrier multi-modal shipping with the ability to manifest packages faster and more accurately
  • Streamlines shipping operations by providing current rates for carriers including FedEx, UPS and LTL carriers
  • Ensures carrier compliance requirements by generating compliant labels and documentation
  • Fully integrated to warehouse management system software, scales and conveyors
  • Provides instant access to shipping company tracking information


  • Reduces shipping costs by enabling users to search for the lowest rates and method of shipment
  • Improves the quality of decision making through enhanced shipment visibility
  • Decreases fees and delays
  • Increases customer service through enhanced delivery times
  • Helps to reduce cycle times, optimize inventory and increase order fulfillment
  • Boosts accuracy and control over transportation operations

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