About RoadEx America

RoadEx America is an integrated logistics provider with core competencies in harbor drayage, warehousing, air shipments and California LTL/FTL. Specialists in textile logistics, retail logistics and oil & gas logistics, RoadEx America has optimal locations just minutes away from the Los Angeles/Long Beach and Oakland Ports and has a fleet of port certified trucks to transport ocean containers. In addition, its services have been expanded to all major ports in the United States via a network to ensure inbound service coverage.

A provider of specialized warehouse services, RoadEx America has passed the stringent tests and inspections by both the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Transportation Security Administration of the U.S Department of Homeland Security to be qualified as a Container Freight Station (CFS), Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF) and Independent Cargo Screening Facility (ICSF). 

As part of its service offerings, RoadEx America can provide bonded transportation anywhere in North America and can handle consolidation for air freight and container consolidation for ocean containers. 

With five warehouse locations in California and a network of partners across North America, RoadEx is capable of handling a wide variety of inventory as well as transportation and logistics needs. In business for over 15 years, RoadEx America provides both short and long term storage backed by leading edge technology.

The Challenge

Warehouse Management Software Requirements

In trying to expand their growing operation, RoadEx America recognized that utilizing more advanced technology could help to optimize operational efficiency and handle the more complex warehousing requirements needed by prospective and current clients. 

“These days, prospective clients who are looking for a 3PL warehouse all want a warehouse management system. We needed to upgrade our technology to keep pace with our competitors and win new business” explained Roadex America CEO Johnny Kwan.

Here are some of the key features needed by RoadEx America in a warehouse management system:
  • 3PL billing
  • Labor tracking
  • Order fulfillment
  • Serialization
  • RF capable
  • Flexible reporting
  • Real time information visibility for customers as well as for warehouse partners across North America

The Solution – Datex Footprint® WMS and Zebra Mobile Computing Devices

Datex 3PL Warehouse Management System

3PL Billing

At the time of the software implementation, RoadEx America used QuickBooks for its accounting needs. By integrating Datex Footprint® WMS with QuickBooks, the accounting staff no longer has to re-enter every invoice into QuickBooks for processing. This process improvement reduces errors and the time it takes to resolve them and results in a faster, seamless accounting operation.

In order to maximize profitability, the Datex 3PL Billing system was implemented. This has enabled RoadEx America to customize billing for each client and to more effectively bill to accounts for product in the warehouse. By implementing automated data collection methods using Zebra mobile computers, RoadEx America can now capture and bill for all value added services.

Flexible Reporting

Using the Datex 3PL WMS reporting system has enabled the company to be able to produce customized reports for its clients as well as to track key aspects of its daily business including labor, inventory, orders and much more. Once reports have been created, they can be subscribed to and sent automatically via email, eliminating the need for additional customer service labor hours.

“Having the Datex WMS eliminates manual reporting and phone time. It saves us the time it takes to get reports out to customers. By having all that information customizable at the customers’ fingertips it is a huge savings for us” said Kwan.


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