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Warehouse Management Software (WMS)
Datex FootPrint Warehouse Management Software (WMS) is a Microsoft based solution, developed for maximum flexibility, scalability, ease of use and information visibility.

3PL Warehouse Management Software (3PL)
Datex FootPrint Warehouse Management Software (WMS) is a Microsoft based solution, developed for maximum flexibility, scalability, ease of use and information visibility.

Cold Storage Warehouse Management Software (WMS)
Datex FootPrint® Cold Storage Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Cold storage is a highly competitive business with sensitive products requiring fast turnaround. The challenges of low temperature restriction in a warehouse make tracking inventory a complicated task.

Why Datex FootPrint 3PL WMS is the Best Choice for Your Third Party Logistics Operation
Without question, Datex FootPrint® WMS is the best software for your 3PL operation. Learn why.

Warehouse Management Software (WMS) for Distributors
Datex FootPrint® WMS for Distributors provides the means for companies to have accurate real time information and streamlined business processes to power operations.

Labor Management Software
The Datex Labor Management System can help you gain greater real time visibility & control of your workforce so that you can boost labor productivity, reduce costs and improve planning and decision-making.

Manufacturing Software
Datex FootPrint® WMS recently added new features designed to facilitate manufacturing, kitting, production, packaging and quality assurance with increased information visibility.

Production and Assembly Execution System
Ideal for 3PLs and third party contract assembly/production facilities, Datex software can handle the complexities of multiple clients and locations, a diverse range of goods, components and raw materials as well as complicated operational processes.

Inventory Management Software (IMS)
Datex FootPrint® IMS real-time inventory control is a powerful tool that can keep your company in compliance with the latest industry standards.

Procurement Software
Sophisticated procurement module to meet the needs of professionals working in the EPCM mode (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management), Datex FootPrint® WMS has increased functionality, providing a suite of robust new tools to ensure project delivery success.

Shipping Management Software
As part of our integrated solutions package, Datex FootPrint® WMS Shipping Management Module can help lower shipping costs, improve accuracy and reduce manual labor costs.

Transportation Management Software (TMS)
A sale is not complete until product has reached the proper customer. Preparing and shipping orders using Express TMS can prevent a transit nightmare by integrating the driver, carrier, and customer resulting in a complete, seamless, and virtually instantaneous interaction.

Cartonization Software
Datex FootPrint® WMS now provides an optional Cartonization module with sophisticated business logic and decision making, designed to take the inaccuracy, waste and damages out of packaging.

Datex FootPrint® 3PL WMS provides an optional web portal to enable clients of third party logistics providers access to online data on a 24/7/365 basis. Third party logistics clients are able to view orders, shipments, inventory, invoices and attachments and can even run customized reports

Executive Dashboard
The Executive Dashboard is a powerful tool used to summarize and report on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It presents corporate information that is tied to business goals, industry benchmarks and best practices.

Now your business can join forces with your warehouse or 3PL provider to focus on fulfilling your business needs. By both using FootPrint WMS for both your business and your provider’s company, you can improve communications and operational efficiency, saving labor and time

Datex FootPrint® WMS now offers integrated voice technology. Using state-of-the-art Best of Breed voice technology helps to improve productivity and overall efficiency and can be integrated with existing enterprise systems.

Datex Software Requirements Analysis (SRA)
A Software Requirements Analysis (SRA) is a systematic approach for documenting the work flow processes in each functional area of your company.

5 Reasons Why this is a System Designed to Grow with Your Business
With Datex FootPrint WMS, your business has a system that is designed with maximum flexibility and a wide array of tools to handle different types of inventory from pharmaceuticals, food, apparel, electronics and precious metal storage to bulk goods and materials.

Datex Support and Maintenance
The Support Agreement Plan is an annual support contract designed to provide your company with all the maintenance, support, and upgrades needed to ensure that your operation continues to run smoothly without major interruptions and that any errors are corrected in a timely manner.


Cold Storage Providers
With specific features and functionality for refrigerated warehouses and for food and pharmaceutical inventory, Datex FootPrint® WMS can help cold storage providers save labor, time and money and safeguard valuable inventory.

Cheese Processing
One of the latest Datex inovations is a warehouse management system specifically developed to meet the needs of cheese manufacturers and cold storage warehouses.

Cheese Storage
Handling cheese inventory properly requires the ability to monitor and store the product in a multi-temperature food grade warehouse.

Precious Metals and High Value Cargo (HVC)
Datex FootPrint ® Third Party Warehouse Management System handles a wide variety of specialized inventory for your clients including precious metals.

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences
The handling, storage and distribution of controlled and non-controlled pharmaceuticals is a complex task. Governmental regulations, quality control inspections and inventory handling processes require a warehouse management system (WMS) to be highly configurable, easily adaptable, and secure.

Datex is a leading provider of solutions designed to automate and streamline courier operations. Our focus is to provide our customers with the means to increase mobility, visibility, efficiency and productivity by implementing the latest in technology and equipment.

Meat Processing
Datex has created a new software module that combines increased visibility and tracking with flexible measurement and manufacturing processes.


Datex FootPrint WMS was developed with Microsoft tools that your IT staff can learn in order to make system configurations, adapting processes to meet changing business needs.

Using Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SSRS), Datex FootPrint WMS provides even non-technical users with the ability to create customized reports on the fly without costly professional technical assistance.


Hardware Solutions
Why select Datex as your hardware solutions provider? Datex can help your business save time, money, downtime and frustration.

Managed Services
Yesterday’s IT departments were devoted to servicing the technological tools of the business but today, IT teams are needed to focus on mission critical business objectives.

Production Support Services (PSS)
Support Services are not always result of errors or malfunctions of software. Understanding that not all businesses have access to technical resources, Datex Professional Services offer Production Support Services (PSS) to keep your business on the cutting edge.

Professional Services
Implementing new technology may be a task that your company is unable to accomplish on its own. Multiple factors play important roles in making any type of implementation successful.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)
An expert in mobile devices and business IT solutions, Datex can provide your organization with a customized plan of services to meet your budget and business needs.


Corporate Overview
Datex is a leading developer of solutions designed to automate and streamline paper based operations. Our focus is to provide our customers with the means to increase mobility, visibility, efficiency and productivity by implementing the latest in technology and equipment.

Case Studies

Eskimo Cold Storage
Datex provided the company with real-time information of the inventory available in the warehouse, the status of each product, and it’s location at any given time.

Ocean Cold
An immediate requirement for Ocean Cold was to have a warehouse management system that was user friendly, flexible and allowed them to pursue continuous improvement initiatives without automation limitations.

Don’s Cold Storage
Datex’s logistics analysts provided Don’s with consulting services in several areas including strategic changes needed for their operations, performance improvements and the best possible solution to optimize their business.

Logistics International LLC
As with most third party logistics providers, Logistics International decided to procure an enterprise level warehouse management system in order to improve internal business and financial controls, improve inventory and labor management and improve the level of customer satisfaction.

Merchandise Warehouse
MWC was seeking new warehouse software in order to resolve communication issues, eliminate redundancy in paperwork and provide the flexibility needed to meet customer requirements. In addition, there was a need for real time information, greater accuracy and optimization of labor resources.

RoadEx Companies
In trying to expand their growing operation, RoadEx America recognized that utilizing more advanced technology could help to optimize operational efficiency and handle the more complex warehousing requirements needed by prospective and current clients

Crane Worldwide Logistics
CWW began the search for a warehouse management software solution because its existing system was unable to keep pace with its growth and increasingly complex customer demands. In searching for a warehouse management system, CWW needed a more robust, customizable supply chain software solution. A number of deployment models and options were evaluated before selecting Datex FootPrint® WMS.