datex pharmaceutical wms for contract packagers & contract manufacturers

Multi-client inventory management WMS for contract manufacturing & packaging companies.

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Datex FootPrint® Pharmaceutical WMS for CMO/CPO is known to be one of the most highly flexible, configurable WMS  on the market today.


Enjoy unmatched operational flexibility with workflow-driven processes

seamless integrations

Connect seamlessly to other software and systems to speed up operations


automate processes

Maximize productivity, accuracy and speed by automating operational processes


customize reports

Customize reports and business intelligence readily to empower better decision-making

built-in labor management

Rich functionality and feature set including built-in labor management

  • Inventory is owned by the customer
  • Each customer’s raw materials, components, ingredients and finished goods often must be segregated
  • Each customer needs real time visibility
  • Must be able to manage multiple client requirements simultaneously while satisfying customer production delivery deadlines, quality standards and other factors.
  • Each customer has their own needs and requirements regarding
    • Business Processes
    • Billing and Invoicing
    • Labeling
    • Reporting
    • Documentation
    • Regulatory compliance
In developing software for contract packagers/re-packagers, contract manufacturers and third party logistics providers, Datex has been mindful of the need for flexibility.  Because your business handles numerous customers’ inventory, each with specific needs and requirements, you need software solutions that can be adapted without having to make costly changes to source code.

Datex software is highly flexible, reliable and scalable, enabling you to onboard new customers and generate revenue quickly.  With a sophisticated billing engine, the software enables you to capture and bill for all the value-added services your company provides.

  • Segregates inventory by ownership
  • Bills for all the value-added services you provide
  • Simultaneous management of multiple customer requirements
  • Access inventory across multiple warehouses & production facilities
More Details
  • Accommodates even the most unusual billing requirements
  • Easy-to-use billing wizard
  • Customize
    • Billing
    • Operational processes
    • Labels
    • Invoices
    • Documents
    • Reports
    • And more
  • Onboard new clients quickly
  • Executes owner transfers seamlessly with comprehensive traceability
    • Records “outbound shipment” of original owner’s inventory & “inbound receipt” for new owner without need to physically touch the inventory or perform typical inbound/outbound processes
With a consistent user interface across the Datex suite of supply chain management solutions, users find the software easier to learn, use and master, increasing adoption rates and reducing training time. Using automated data collection devices with Datex software will open up a world of real time, accurate visibility for better decision making.

Your Reports, Your Way

Customizable “Drag and Drop” Reporting Using Real Time Data
  • Select from our list of 70+ standardized reports or create your own
  • Create reports and dashboards on the fly by dragging and dropping fields into place in the Report Builder
  • Create graphs, charts, maps and diagrams
  • Users can view, manage and subscribe to reports for automatic delivery
  • Share reports and dashboards with other users or publish on the web portal

Datex Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Module

Having a hard time keeping job costs under control and maintaining quality management?  Our software is the answer.  Using our workflow-based software ensures effective process controls, production planning and quality control in your operations.  With a solution designed with complex needs and regulatory compliance in mind, our software solution provides peace of mind and valuable tools to satisfy the needs and requirements of each of your customers.

Production Planning and Scheduling

  • Can schedule by equipment
  • Schedule single line manufacturing order across multiple production lines & equipment
  • Compounding of raw materials
  • Kitting, packaging and assembly
More Details
  • Provides multi-level Bill of Materials
  • Specifies production lines
  • Tracks and balances raw materials & inventory during production
  • Creates production orders
  • Executes kitting and assembly as well as de-kitting
  • Schedules, manages, monitors and tracks production and inventory
  • Links equipment to product type
  • Job costing:
    • Can be executed at production order level
    • Include cost of labor, materials, supplies & equipment
    • Usable during manufacturing feedback process
    • Batch costing

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Pharmaceutical and Life Science Inventory Management

Businesses such as third party logistics providers (3PLs) and contract manufacturers that deal with third party-owned inventory need flexible, cutting edge software solutions.  The Datex manufacturing WMS system provides a suite of tools to make your job easier in minimizing errors, ensuring conformity to standards and reinforcement of process controls.
  • Product movement and workflow-based rules are assigned to the client or project
  • Automatically manage and decrease inventory based on container type selected during containerization
  • Silo and fluid product tracking logic
  • Fluid product tank and container logic
More Details
  • Manages inventory control for both raw materials and finished goods
  • Time-stamped records
  • Enables batch scalability
  • Lot control
  • Catch weight
  • Change management
  • Executes material transformation (from SKU to SKU, etc.)-ideal for packaging changes
  • Automatic advancement of expiration date based on time out of optimal storage conditions
  • Provides bidirectional tracking of:
    • Lot
    • Expiration date
    • Serial number
  • Executes product recalls
  • Streamlines operational processes
  • Raw material receipts
  • Able to have multiple instances and units of measure of same product or SKU linked to same or different clients (for client-owned inventories)
  • Unit of measure levels (length, width, height) available to the .000 (thousandths) level
  • Can change expiration lead time on specific instances of inventory
  • Can easily design, assign rules to and assign to client or project:
    • Forms and labels
      • Pick pack lists
      • Pack lists
      • Bill of Lading (BOL)
      • Manifests
      • Pick labels
      • Product labels
      • And more
    • PLC, scale and metering systems connectivity

Highly Customizable Multi-Client Billing

Datex is renowned for its highly flexible, configurable billing system, developed to please even the most fastidious financial management professional and accounting systems experts.  Whether you need a breakdown of job costs, business intelligence regarding each customer account or the capability of billing for an unusual parameter, our billing software solution can meet your needs.
  • Generates billing invoice
    • By client
    • By client/project
    • Recurring
    • On the fly
  • Able to add static monthly charges automatically
    • Support fees
    • Management fees
    • And much more
  • Able to calculate variable charges based on:
    • Location utilization
    • Number of shipments
    • Case picks
    • Single picks
    • Receipts
    • Returns
    • Other factors
  • Allows users to manually add one-off charges as needed
  • Invoice forms are easy to:
    • Design
    • Assign rules to
    • Assign to client/project
  • Handles export data feeds
    • Export invoice data to an outside system
  • Print, fax and email invoices to desired recipients
    • Based on per client or project rules

Billing Features

Flexible, Automated, Auditable
Acessorial Charges
      Automation of 1x/Month charges
      Ability to bill for non-activity based charges
 Handling and Storage Charges
      Storage Billing Options
      Billing by Picking Type.Method
      Billing by Order Entry Type (EDI, manual, etc.)
      Billing by Load Type
Charge accrual based on Transactions
Charge accrual based on Configurable Periods
Billing File Updates based on effective date
Rates Structures based on Activity Codes
Rates Structures based on Customers
Rates Structures based on SKUs

Ability to bill multiple SKUs within same customer

Rates Structures based on Groups of SKUs

Billing by Anniversary Date
Pre Invoice Charge Audits
Customer Invoicing
Invoice Generation with custom invoice formats
     Ability to put logo on invoice
     Ability to add/change payment terms / verbiage
     Ability to adjust level of details shown on invoice
Invoice Printing and tracking reprints
Invoice by UOM other than inventoried UOM for products
Bill by CWT

Online Customer Portal

Whether you have a contract manufacturing, contract packaging or 3PL business, providing a web-based customer portal enables you to provide a high level of service at low cost.  The Datex web customer portal is easy to learn and use, ideal for self-serve without help from customer service representatives.
  • Easy to set up and administer
  • Capable of inbound and outbound order input
  • Ideal for self-serve customer operations
  • Real time visibility of lots, inventory and license plates
  • Can assign shipments to an existing or new delivery
  • “Drag and drop” customized creation or adaptation of reports
  • Automated report delivery
  • Can add tags and bookmarks to save time
  • User friendly system cuts down on training time

Workflow-Driven WMS Powers Flexible, Efficient Warehouse Operations

Workflow is a set of activities that is joined together to form a process that incorporates rules and business logic. Workflow depicts operational processes from start to finish, facilitating greater transparency and changes. Workflow-driven systems are more flexible and less expensive to adapt than WMS that rely on static hard coding. Datex can train your IT resources to adapt workflows to enable you to make changes to your operations.

Pharmaceutical Inventory User-Specific Notifications and Alerts

Status updates

  • Inventory
  • Lead time for expiring products
  • QA/QC processes
    • Holds
    • Quarantines
    • Inspections

Shipping Management

  • Integrate with manifest system for rate shopping
    • True carrier rate shopping at shipping station and during batch mode
    • Enables specific client and project rules on carrier services and add-ons including test scenarios
  • Performs dangerous goods shipping
    • Includes required documentation
    • Handles necessary labeling
    • Supports data feeds
More Details
  • Receives and manages all carrier shipment status updates including
    • Delivery dates
    • Exception details
    • Sign by
    • Signature image
  • Handles third party billing shipments on the fly on an order-by-order basis
    • In batch
    • One-by-one
  • Integrates with manifest system for delivery confirmation
  • Documentation of shipping process and records
  • Ability to manifest by day and carrier
  • Can consolidate and group shipments by client and project
  • Performs carrier shipping email functions
    • Email passed email addresses: shipping and delivery confirmations
  • Performs international shipping
    • Including required customs documents
    • Supports data feeds
  • Can set up and manage unique client and project business rules to manage shipping selections such as services based on:
    • Weight
    • Number of containers
    • Volume
    • Shipping location
    • State
    • Routing

Returns Processing/Reverse Logistics

  • Enables easy return of goods
    • Based on client or project
    • Enables return of items not originally shipped or set up in the items master


From enterprise resource planning to execution systems, our manufacturing software is built to connect with other systems including:
  • Accounting software
  • ERP software
  • Financial management solutions
  • Shipping carriers
  • Material handling solutions
  • Control systems
  • Transportation management systems
  • E-commerce
  • And much more
Datex recommends use of automated data collection devices with the Datex Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Software for real time information visibility and optimized operational performance.

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