Omnichannel and consumers are effecting the supply chain as we know it. The average percentage of internet users who say they are addicted to their digital media devices is 59 percent. The data shows 76 percent of 14 to 24 year olds are addicted to their digital media devices compared to 39 percent of people ages 55 and up. The omnichannel services offered by US Merchants have increased tremendously since 2015. Services such as, buy online pick up in-store, in-store return or exchange os online purchase, ship-from-store, and ship-to-store.  Omnichannel shoppers spend an average 4% more every time they are in a brick-and-mortar store, and spend 10% more when shopping online. 62 percent of consumers expect personalized email promotions and offers based on their purchasing history. Customers are project to spend over 632 million dollars by the year 2020, they spent 385 million dollars in 2016. Customer buying expectations include more shipping and receiving options, tremendous product diversity, no more stock outs, fast delivery, order from anywhere on any device, memberships to provide shipping advantage, and order visibility & tracking.

Consumer-driven companies differ from traditional companies in many ways. Consumer-driven companies measure their success buy what is happening on the shelf. Whereas traditional companies measure their success by what happens away from the shelf. Consumer-driven companies are very specialized and make decisions based on real-time, store level view and customer demand. Traditional companies are generic “one size fits all” and make decisions based on old data.

According to Global Trade Magazine, “Only 60% of North American businesses reported their supply chain as consumer-centric, while 39.2% were product-driven. 68% of respondents outside of North America reported a consumer-driven supply chain.” The number of online shoppers has grown by nearly 20 million from 2015 to 2016. Because of this growth, it’s important to optimize omnichannel fulfillment. You can optimize omnichannel fulfillment by implementing small parcel shipping, picking/packing efficiency, making sure you are following compliance and more communication with retailers.

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