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ocean cold storage companiesDatex Corporation announced today that Ocean Cold, a new Cold Storage Facility in Westport, WA has selected Datex to implement the new Footprint® WMS 3PL Software, a complete Warehouse Management System developed for 3PL Companies. Ocean Cold is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ocean Gold Seafood, formed to provide the area with a storage facility for frozen seafood and other perishable commodities.Ocean Cold is a brand new cold storage facility located on the mouth of Grays Harbor in Washington State. The facility consists of over 65,000 Sq feet of cold storage, blast freezing, and dock space as well as an additional 20,000 Sq feet of food processing space. The food processing area is designed to accommodate a variety of production possibilities involving multiple species of fresh fish, repackaging of frozen foods and value added processing. Our blast freezing system is designed with quick freezing of seafood in mind and a capacity of over 400,000 pounds/day. Now, the facility will also provide a state of the art Warehouse Management System that will control all the activities, tasks, and inventory in the warehouse. “Building a new cold storage, we knew that a good WMS solution was necessary to stay competitive and offer our customers the highest level of service possible” commented Ross Rydman, CIO for Ocean Cold.

After careful consideration, the company selected Datex International as the best fit to implement the WMS solution that they were looking for. “Where others wanted to just dump some program in our laps with a manual on how to configure it, Datex wanted to learn everything possible about our business and processes to suggest the best way to make the software work to its fullest” explained Ross.

Datex will implement Footprint® WMS 3PL, the latest Warehouse Management System developed in Microsoft .NET Technology. The system is designed to automate warehousing operations based on the use of RF terminals and system directed operations. The capabilities of the system include receiving, blind receiving, put-away, replenishment, picking, shipping, inventory control and order management among many others. Specifically for those companies in the Cold Storage Industry, the system has the ability to capture temperature at any time during the process, control lots and its movement, track pallets, provides owner transfer, and features full reporting and 3PL billing capabilities. The new .NET version of the system was developed with a friendlier user-interface, searching capabilities, easier ways to complete tasks and highly customizable views of the information. “Other enterprise software I have used before make me feel like I’m fighting the program to get something done or get something out of it, with Footprint® I can actually work and get things done”.

“The thing I am still most impressed about working with Datex is the people. Communication is extremely easy and they are available at hours I would have never expected. Their software offering is fantastic; the user interface makes all their competitors look like they are living in the 80’s” said Ross.

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