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Clearwater, Florida (January 30, 2014)-McCook Cold Storage (MCCS), a family owned and operated temperature controlled warehouse and transportation facility in McCook Illinois selected Datex Footprint® WMS software to improve its warehouse operations. Specialists in the handling and storage of refrigerated food product inventory, McCook Cold Storage chose Datex Footprint® WMS in order to improve inventory traceability and increase the visibility and availability of real time data.

In order to enhance product traceability, Datex worked with MCCS to implement radio frequency (RF) mobile devices in their facility and also helped to improve inventory tracking processes. The Datex and MCCS teams worked seamlessly to ensure a streamlined software implementation project. “McCook Cold Storage made an exceptional show of confidence in Datex Footprint® WMS by doing a full migration from their old WMS directly to Footprint®. Typically new WMS clients switch one or more of their customers over to the new warehouse management system and initially run both the old and new WMS systems in parallel. In this case, MCCS was so comfortable with the project that they decided to forego this and move to a full migration earlier than originally planned. It all worked out very well” said Richard Szynkiewicz, Datex Implementation Project Manager. “The entire MCCS staff worked together to be proactive behind the scenes to ensure everyone was trained properly and that the transition was smooth.”

Developed to be highly configurable using workflow to automate processes, Datex Footprint® WMS includes special features and functionality for cold storage and third party logistics (3PL). The Datex warehouse management system was developed using state-of-the-art Microsoft technology and includes features developed specifically for cold storage warehouse operations. Datex Footprint® WMS includes temperature capture, the ability to restrict inventory to specific temperature zones; catch weight; track and trace inventory by Lot, vat code, SKU, UPC or ingredient; 3PL billing and other features essential for cold storage warehouse operations. The Datex warehouse management system is currently in use in refrigerated warehouses across North America.

About McCook Cold Storage (MCCS)

With 150,000 square feet of warehouse space, McCook Cold Storage offers premium refrigerated warehouse services for clients in the greater Chicago Illinois area including cross docking and physical distribution services. With computer controlled refrigeration and safety systems in place, MCCS ensures safe storage of customer merchandise and can provide “one stop shop” operations. The MCCS facility features 26 enclosed and refrigerated truck docks and is a USDA Approved Warehouse provider. Multiple cooler spaces and a state-of-the-art warehouse management system ensure that inventory such as meat and bakery are stored properly in their respective zones to prevent co-mingling and ensure that USDA quality standards are met. With extensive experience in warehousing and logistics, McCook continues to grow while continuing to provide quality service at competitive prices. For more information, please visit the McCook Cold Storage website.

About Datex

In successful operation since 1978, Datex provides a range of supply chain technology solutions including software, hardware and managed services to industries such as warehousing, distribution, third party logistics (3PL), and cold storage. Datex Footprint® WMS is a user friendly, highly configurable warehouse management system supported exclusively by Datex employees. The system includes customizable reporting, workflow based processes and free upgrades. The system can be integrated with accounting, ERP, shipping, material handling and other systems and is EDI ready. Developed to improve accuracy, efficiency and productivity, Datex Footprint® WMS helps businesses reduce costs, increase visibility and improve customer service. For more information, please visit the Datex website.

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