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Inventory Management Tips: Optimizing Your Warehouse

In week two of this ongoing series we will take a deep dive into some easy to implement supply chain management solutions that will help to reduce labor costs and improve inventory data availability. In many cases warehouse operators may overlook these...

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Supply Chain Track and Trace Beginner’s Roadmap

Inventory track and trace throughout the supply chain is a more critical function than ever before. Each year more and more cases of consumer sickness and death are reported due to contaminated food and pharmaceutical products. Regulatory agencies such as the FDA have...

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Do You Need a New WMS?

If your business has been using the same warehouse management software for several years, you may want to evaluate whether this technology suits your current operation and future plans. Technology advances at a rapid rate-you wouldn’t want your business to get left...

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Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Due to increasing pharmaceutical regulation, competitive drug prices and the proliferation of off brand pharmaceuticals the industry as a whole is going through significant change. The pharma supply chain has encountered added pressure and has made many adaptations to...

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Pharmaceutical Warehouse Management System -Video

Thank you for taking the time to look at our Pharmaceutical Warehouse Management Software System using Datex Footprint WMS. Today we’re going to take a quick look at the functionality that we have in place for the pharmaceutical warehouse industry. So one of the first...

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