Why More Grocers Are Adding WMS to Their Logistics Network

“There are several ways a WMS can help improve efficiencies and integrations within grocer retail operations. This includes efficiency through automation. Grocer retailers are always looking for ways to improve efficiency. An efficient WMS allows retailers to keep the complex processes that go into warehousing and distributing food. WMS allows retailers to quickly pinpoint inventory. A WMS helps retailers meet productivity goals by providing visibility to employees. WMS can use technologies that are new to the industry, like voice-based, touch and sign-on screens, and kiosk pick-up. Incorporate touch screens and sign-on screens to their online orders, curbside pickup, and delivery. Training is already built into most systems. There’s no avoiding how multi-channel the grocery industry has become.

Source: https://www.foodlogistics.com/technology/article/21112791/trends-in-grocery-supply-chain-warehouse-management-systems

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