Learn about the 7 must-have traits your scanner needs in the warehouse. First, the scanner needs to be practically indestructible. It needs to be able to withstand extremes ranging from getting completely soaked to repeatedly dropped. Next, it needs to have fail-proof scanning. Scanners need to be able to read shrink-wrapped, dirty, torn, faded, wet, or curved barcodes in a split second. Scanners also need to be able to endure power. Their battery needs to last throughout an entire day and you need to be able to see how much capacity they have at all times. Around-the-clock connectivity is also a must. You don’t want to be left vulnerable to frequent BT disconnects. Are you able to cut the cord? The ability to choose between a corded or cordless version will provide more scanning options. You also want to be sure your scanner alleviate IT headaches, not cause them. And finally, it needs to be able to capture barcodes from a hands-length away to the highest shelf.

Zebra has two great options for you to choose from: LI3608-ER corded / LI3678-ER cordless and DS3608-ER corded / DS3678-ER cordless.

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