10 Facts About Record Online Grocery Sales Due to COVID19

“Monthly users of online grocery delivery or pickup services have more than doubled since August 2019. 31% of U.S. households (about 39.5 million in total) have used e-commerce for groceries during the pandemic. In August 2019, only 13% of U.S. households used e-commerce for groceries. Due to the increased number of households using only grocery services and a jump in order rates, overall monthly order volume has served 193%. 30% of people that never used eCommerce for groceries said they are extremely likely or very likely to do so in the next three months if the crisis continues. 26% say they’re using online grocery delivery or pickup for the first time. For those 60 years or older, that rate jumps to 39%. 83% of U.S. adults who had groceries delivered experienced at least one problem, with the most common issues being: Items out of stock, inability to schedule a delivery time, high service fees and late delivery.  A large percentage of U.S. adults (72 percent) have bought groceries in person compared to 42 percent who used various forms of delivery. When asked how likely they were to continue using a specific online grocery service after COVID-19, 43% of the survey respondents indicated that they’re either extremely or very likely to do so. “

Sources: https://www.progressivegrocer.com/will-record-online-grocery-sales-continue-after-covid-19/



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