Designed for Third Party Logistics Providers

Developed to handle the complex nature of third party logistics (3PL) operations, Datex FootPrint WMS can handle multiple clients in multiple facility locations.  Datex WMS software can be used by third party logistics providers to handle and store virtually any type of goods including food, serialized goods, apparel and fashion inventory, high value cargo, bulk goods, pharmaceuticals and much more.

Inbound Operations

  • Crossdocking
  • Dock door appointment scheduling
  • Quality inspections and audits
  • Flow-Through
  • Vendor/Carrier Performance
  • Returns Processing

Inventory Management

  • Inventory control
  • Cycle count/physical count
  • Serialization/serial number tracking
  • Lot management
  • Inventory consolidation
  • Warehouse transfers
  • Work orders
  • Style / color / size

Outbound Operations

  • Cartonization & Replenishment
  • Dynamic pick locations and Inventory allocation
  • Order consolidation
  • Pick/pack & Put to store
  • Multi-channel & Omni-channel fulfillment
  • Pack and hold
  • Item substitution
  • Shipment scheduling


  • Value added accessorial charges
  • In/outbound handling
  • Volume/weight billing
  • Owner-specific billing
  • Recurring storage
  • Anniversary billing
  • Work order billing
  • Automatic invoice generation

Datex 3PL WMS Uses Microsoft Workflow Tools to Power Its Flexible Software

The Datex 3PL Warehouse Management System has embedded Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation tools within the application.  This enables Datex WMS software to be customized quickly without the need for source code changes.


  • Datex clients can customize business processes including operational and billing processes at a fraction of the cost of making changes to source code, as is done typically in warehouse management systems.
  • The Datex 3PL warehousing software can be tailored to the specifications and requirements of your operation and that of your clients-quickly, accurately and cost effectively
  • Using workflow, Datex can help you to build unique custom product and data flow without expensive source code modifications and lengthy time delays
  • Using Datex workflow can help your business to onboard new 3PL clients faster so that you can start billing for services and collecting revenue with less delays
  • This state-of-the-art workflow functionality can better enable your third party logistics company to compete and win new business
  • Datex WMS uses workflow to power more efficient, accurate operations throughout your warehouse and freight business, including for inventory control, cycle counting, cartonization, quality control/quality assurance and much more
  • Workflow-based Datex WMS software can help you to boost workforce productivity and maximize the effectiveness of your labor resources
Warehouse Management System Workflows

Datex 3PL WMS Includes an Integrated Workflow-Based Flexible Billing Engine

Timely accurate billing is essential to the profitability of your third party logistics business. To make sure you can capture and bill for every value added service you provide and meet the requirements of each specific client contract, Datex 3PL WMS includes a Billing Wizard and workflow-based engine.


  • Datex 3PL WMS ensures that your business can accommodate even the most unusual requirements of your clients and requests for any type of time frame or scenario
  • Use the Datex 3PL WMS Billing Wizard to make sure that you set up billing exactly as needed-no worries or skipped steps
  • Customize billing based on client needs and requirements
  • Datex workflow enables you to automate billing, saving your company time and labor
  • By incorporating workflow into 3PL WMS billing, Datex is able to eliminate errors and the time your team would spend finding and correcting them
  • Use RF enabled mobile computing devices with Datex 3PL WMS to maximize the effectiveness of your investment.  This will ensure that you can capture and bill for every value added service your company performs.  No more spreadsheets, tallies or notes needed.

Real Time Data Using Datex 3PL WMS Customizable Reporting

Datex uses Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to enable software users to create, change, subscribe to and schedule reports in the format of their choice. To make it easier for our software users, Datex made a substantial investment in development so that reports can be created using “drag and drop” action. Now Datex software users can click on the type of report they want to create then move fields into place-no technical expertise, complicated formulas or college degrees are required.


  • Create any type of report needed
  • Customize formats
  • Includes the ability to subscribe to reports, share and more
Warehouse Management System Drag and Drop Reporting Mouse
wms sql server

Datex 3PL WMS Uses One of the Most Widely Used Databases in the World:
Microsoft SQL Server

When developing its WMS for the third party logistics industry, Datex chose Microsoft SQL Server to help ensure that database records never lock up when users read or write data into a record. Relying on Microsoft SQL Server helps to ensure that all the data “read” and “write” commands do not impact the parent record. Instead, this data is appended to the record as a child record (a journal record). By taking a more costly and innovative approach to database design, Datex 3PL WMS:


  • Handles high volume of data
  • Readily accommodates a large numbers of users
  • Is better able to minimize loss of data
  • Is better able to increase the speed of searches
  • Has been able to simplify report writing
  • Has been able to enhance system performance

Datex WMS Was Developed Using Microsoft .NET Development Tools

By using Microsoft .NET tools, Datex has made it easier and less costly for your company to find IT resources all around the globe.

  • Datex software relies on Microsoft tools that are commonly used
  • Using Microsoft tools enables Datex to keep pace with changing technological advances, to plan our software upgrades and better plan for advances in our software and technology
dot net wms

Datex FootPrint WMS 3PL Capabilities

Developed specifically for third party logistics provider operations, Datex software was designed to handle the highly complex nature of multi-client 3PL operations. 3PL requirements were incorporated into the original design of the foundation of Datex FootPrint 3PL WMS. This helps to ensure that your 3PL business will be able to…

  • Segregate inventory by ownership
  • Handle transfer of inventory ownership with comprehensive traceability
  • Provide accurate activity-based billing of value added services
  • Use the software for a wide variety of industries, operational conditions including cold storage and refrigerated warehouses. Datex FootPrint 3PL WMS is currently used across the globe.
  • Deploy the software quickly in tiers and blocks
  • Use a system in which database records do not lock up
  • Scale your business- ideal for fast growing, changing organizations
  • Store all file types in inventory records to facilitate timely accurate documentation of inventory, freight, warehouse and distribution needs, etc.
  • Handle the complex nature of third party logistics operations
  • Handle multiple types of inventory all within the same facility or enterprise
  • Enable 3PL clients to have access to real time, accurate data needed to manage their operation via a web portal.  This helps to reduce customer service expense without sacrificing service levels or customer satisfaction.

Third Party Logistics

the 3PL+ Complexity of Supply Chain Operations

3PL providers service multiple clients, each that can have complex requirements for billing, inventory handling and storage, quality assurance and quality control, reporting, labeling, operational processes and more. This also requires the ability to segregate inventory by ownership.
3PL clients tend to have many different inventory management, control, storage and allocation strategies. All must be managed effectively within the same 3PL facility.
3PL clients tend to need to have reports, operational processes, contracts, billing, labeling and other documents and activities customized, sometimes by type of inventory and other qualifications.
Quality assurance/quality control processes can be varied, detailed and require additional documentation, audit trail and other activities.
Regulatory documentation may be required as well as additional validation for certain types of inventory.
To maximize profitability and ensure the highest degree of accurate billing, 3PLs need to be able to capture and bill for every value added service provided in real time.
There may be a need to handle owner transfer, cloaked owner transfer and other transactions all with complete traceability.
In handling inventory on behalf of their clients, 3PLs must deal effectively to meet retailer compliance standards to avoid penalties.

The complexity of 3PL operations requires warehouse management system technology that is specifically developed for third party logistics providers, not adapted from other software.

Third Party Logistics 3PL Technology

Industry studies have indicated that shippers tend to value 3PL companies that have technology and IT service capabilities higher than their competitors who lack these capabilities.  A 2015 3PL Study by Capgemini revealed that 96% of shippers surveyed indicated that IT capabilities are “a necessary element of 3PL expertise”.  IT services are often a cornerstone of the value proposition in shipper-3PL relationships and can even the playing field of smaller IT savvy 3PLs when competing with larger third party logistics providers.

Shippers and 3PLs tend to agree that 3PLs need to be flexible and agile enough to handle both the needs of today as well as dynamic conditions and the business challenges of tomorrow.  Key to this expectation is the overwhelming need to satisfy consumer demand for immediate gratification and high order fulfillment rates.  With retail logistics and supply chains undergoing tremendous changes to accommodate the wide variety of ways that consumers order and receive their products, changes to 3PL operations and technology will follow.

What Technologies are Most Frequently Requested by Shippers for Use by Their 3PL Company Partners?

Tackling Omni-Channel and Multichannel Retailing Challenges

3PLs often find that fulfilling orders across multiple channels can be problematic.
According to a 2015 Capgemini study of 3PLs and shippers, the most significant challenges occur with order flexibility, system integration, inventory visibility, inventory accuracy, inventory control, order management, technology, returns management, expedited delivery and other issues.

Today’s consumer can now buy from many different order channels and can select from an array of fulfillment options from click to collect, home delivery, expedited or same delivery and more.  Retailers have been struggling to meet consumer expectations and have been making changes to their supply chain in order to help ensure a more seamless experience for the customer.  More retailers are now outsourcing aspects of this experience to 3PL companies to help optimize fulfillment options and for other reasons.

The variety of fulfillment and order options have helped to create a highly complex operating environment for both shippers and 3PLs.  Using technology solutions can help to ensure efficient, accurate operations, high order fulfillment rates and streamlined delivery.  Having continual access to accurate inventory data is essential to providing excellent customer service, order fulfillment and efficient operations.  More and more 3PLs are adapting to meet these challenges and have been investing in supply chain visibility and warehouse management systems.

Information within and across the supply chain is highly prized.  Today’s cutting edge technology can enable even smaller 3PL operations to provide information visibility and capabilities to shippers, across the street or around the world.  This tends to help “level the playing field” for both shippers and 3PLs.  Using real time accurate data can enable both shippers and 3PLs to make more informed decisions, avoid unnecessary supply chain risks, collaborate with others to achieve better service and lower logistics costs.

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