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Cold Storage WMS

Cold storage warehouse providers have more complex conditions when handling refrigerated and frozen inventory. Combined with the complications of handling food and pharmaceuticals, this creates the need for a warehouse management system that is specifically developed for cold storage providers. Having a cold storage wms with specific features developed to meet these needs helps attract and retain clients, generate additional potential revenue and produce savings in labor and time.

Datex FootPrint WMS Features for Cold Storage

Food Product Track and Trace

Track and trace food products by Lot, Vat code, SKU, UPC or ingredient

Food Manufacturing Food Production Track and Trace Eggs
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Temperature Controlled Environments

Datex FootPrint WMS facilitates Temperature Capture, provides the ability to restrict inventory to specific temperature zones, and allows you to select a primary and secondary location for storage.

Variable Weights and Measurements

Datex FootPrint WMS handles inventory with inconsistent product weights (Catch/variable weight functionality), and the system is capable of using variable units of measure.

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Activity Based Billing

With Datex FootPrint WMS, you can charge your customers accessorial fees from handheld or desktop computer automatically, and create customized contracts for each client to bill accordingly.

Drag & Drop Reporting

Drag and drop fields into the desired format to create customized IARW compliant reports “on the fly”.

Warehouse Management System Drag and Drop Reporting Mouse
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Trading Partner Integration

Able to integrate with critical software including accounting, ERP, MRP, material handling solutions, shipping carriers and more.

Customer Testimonial

“The system just runs. For lack of better terms, it’s just the Ever-ready bunny; it just keeps going and going and going.”

Jim Zantow
General Manager – Midwest Refrigerated Services

Cold Storage Resources

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