Learn how to use RFID technology to provide detailed real time information about products, processes and equipment and save time, money and labor. Using RFID will reduce errors, maximize on time deliveries and improve customer service and satisfaction rates. RFID is used in retail, pharmaceutical, transportation, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, apparel and other industries. RFID can be used to track company assets, inventory, records and much more. RFID solutions can be used to provide comprehensive traceability across the entire supply chain, critical for regulated inventory such as pharmaceutical and life sciences.

How to Use RFID to Increase Profitability

  1. RFID provides increases visibility into equipment, inventory & business processes
    • Helps to shorten processes, streamline data capture procedures and reduce errors by eliminating manual processes
    • Reduce labor costs by using RFID with fixed readers and portals
    • Helps increase throughput in distribution centers
    • RFID helps maximize on time deliveries and results in improved customer service and satisfaction
    • RFID can be used to improve efficiency in receiving, putaway, delivery confirmation, returns processing, inventory handling and security
    • How RFID Can Help in the Supply Chain
  2. Use RFID for Product Tracking and Genealogy
    • RFID tag can store product details including ID number
    • This enables the product to be traced
    • Product information is stored in the RFID tag throughout the life of the product
    • Product information can be quickly retrieved
    • Use RFID to detect similar product and eliminate ineligible service claims
    • RFID provides genealogy and tracking information critical for pharma and life sciences products
  3. Useful in manufacturing to provide information about product components
    • Component tracking provides an added measure of quality assurance
    • RFID makes components identifiable so that correct parts are added to assemblies, packing and logistics departments
    • Use RFID for WIP Tracking
  4. RFID can be used to assist in the replenishment of production material
    • Works to refill stock of work-in-progress component inventory
    • Use software with RFID to check available stock & provide notification about replenishment
    • Automatic notifications regarding replenishment helps streamline operations to improve out put, performance and efficiency
    • Can provide measurable improvements in terms of cost reduction
    • Use RFID for Replenishment
  5. Use RFID as sensors to monitor food safety on refrigerated trailers
    • RFID on pallets can contain sensors to monitor temperature in various vehicle areas
    • RFID tags can notify master control if temperatures increase beyond specifications
    • RFID tags improve traceability critical to ensuring an accurate, timely product recall
    • Use RFID for Sensors for Food Safety
  6. RFID can be used to help ensure supply chain quality control
    • Used to track shipments
    • RFID can be used to help trucking companies reduce fuel costs with tags placed inside gas tanks to automatically record the amount of fuel and charge the transaction to the system
    • RFID eliminates the need for truck drivers to carry credit cards or cash and reduces the chance of robbery and theft
    • RFID helps with route planning to deliver improved customer service and reduce CO2 emissions
    • Use RFID in the Supply Chain for Quality Control
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