Learn how to use RFID technology to provide detailed real time information about products, processes and equipment and save time, money and labor. Using RFID will reduce errors, maximize on time deliveries and improve customer service and satisfaction rates. RFID is used in retail, pharmaceutical, transportation, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, apparel and other industries. RFID can be used to track company assets, inventory, records and much more. RFID solutions can be used to provide comprehensive traceability across the entire supply chain, critical for regulated inventory such as pharmaceutical and life sciences.

1. How to Use RFID to IncreaseProfitability
2. • RFIDprovides increases visibility into equipment, inventory&business processes • Helps to shorten processes, streamline data capture procedures and reduceerrors by eliminating manualprocesses • Reduce labor costs by using RFID with fixed readers and portals • Helps increase throughputindistribution centers • RFIDhelps maximize on time deliveries and results in improved customer service and satisfaction • RFIDcan be used to improve efficiencyin receiving, putaway, delivery confirmation, returnsprocessing, inventory handling and security How RFIDCan Help in the Supply Chain
3. Use RFIDfor Product Tracking and Genealogy • RFIDtag can store product details includingID number • This enables the product to betraced • Product information is stored inthe RFIDtag throughoutthe life of the product • Product information can be quickly retrieved • UseRFID to detect similar product and eliminate ineligible service claims • RFIDprovides genealogy and trackinginformation critical for pharma and life sciences products
4. • Useful in manufacturingto provide information about product components • Component trackingprovides anadded measureof quality assurance • RFIDmakescomponents identifiable so that correct parts are added to assemblies, packingand logistics departments Use RFID for WIP Tracking
5. • RFIDcan be used to assist in the replenishmentof production material • Works to refill stock of work-in-progress component inventory • Usesoftware with RFIDto checkavailable stock &provide notification about replenishment • Automatic notifications regarding replenishmenthelps streamline operations to improveoutput, performance and efficiency • Can provide measurable improvements in terms of cost reduction Use RFIDfor Replenishment
6. • Use RFIDas sensors to monitor food safety onrefrigerated trailers • RFIDon pallets can contain sensors to monitor temperaturein various vehicle areas • RFIDtags can notify master control if temperaturesincreasebeyond specifications • RFIDtags improve traceability critical to ensuring an accurate,timely product recall Use RFIDfor Sensors for FoodSafety
7. • RFIDcan be used to help ensure supply chainquality control • Used to trackshipments • RFIDcan be used to help truckingcompanies reducefuel costs with tags placed inside gas tanks to automatically record the amountof fuel and chargethe transaction to the system • RFIDeliminates the need for truckdrivers to carrycredit cards or cash and reduces the chanceof robberyand theft • RFIDhelps with route planningto deliver improved customer service and reduceCO2 emissions Use RFIDin the Supply Chain for Quality Control
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