Efficient order fulfillment is now and requirement rather than a desire for consumers as the increasing popularity of omni-channel retailing continues. Customer expectations have significant impact on order fulfillment as it affects future buying behavior. Having a flexible, adaptable supply chain will help your warehousing, distribution or 3PL business to make changes when needed. Your business revolved around your ability to serve customers efficiently and cost effectively. It is impossible to serve customers without first understanding their needs and expectations. Here we will explore the factors affecting omni-channel retail customer loyalty and how it impacts how you supply chain must operate. There are two aspects of omni-channel retail order fulfillment to quantify and analyze to receive a holistic view of inventory processing best practices. There is operational order fulfillment which focuses on internal key performance indicators (KPIs) such as cycle time and inventory availability and relational order fulfillment which is your business’ ability to understand retail customer needs and expectations. Do not lose sight of how relational order fulfillment can impact your business and the links in your supply chain. Treating and servicing customers positively helps to generate and maintain feelings of customer loyalty which encourages repeat business. To ensure supply chain service providers can manage customer loyalty it is critical to utilize inventory management solutions such as warehouse management software (WMS). These systems can perform multiple functions including tracking inventory, process customer orders, track shipment and delivery status and many other aspects of the order fulfillment customer experience. These localized databases allow your distribution centers to collect, process and share order data; streamline fulfillment processes and reduce costs associated to processing inventory orders. Fully integrating these solutions with all technology within your facility will give your team a detailed, accurate view of business critical data needed to meet these ever-changing customer needs. When selecting your warehouse management software system take into consideration customer requirements and ensure your new WMS can effectively perform these key functions with little to no human interruption. Missing functionality could make the difference between winning new business and losing existing customers. To learn more about avoiding fulfillment disasters using proper technology contact Datex experts today at www.datexcorp.com or marketing@datexcorp.com.

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