Jamison RFID is an industry leading provider and installer of RFID portals and related technology. With the help of Datex and Jamison RFID, Eskimo Cold Storage was able to improve operations and increase facility profitability by utilizing rfid inventory management.

A lingering issue of lost and misplaced pallets was causing Eskimo hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in operating expenses such as increased labor and transportation costs, as well as chargebacks to customers for missed fulfillment opportunities.

With the implementation of rfid inventory management tags for two of their largest customers and RFID portals throughout their facility, tracking information was easily transferred into Datex FootPrint® © WMS via a customer built middleware where users could easily view and track all activity associated to any given pallet or piece of inventory. This increase in inventory visibility allowed them to more easily locate misplaced inventory quickly and more effectively than ever before.

Jamison RFID calculated an estimated four month return on investment (ROI) period for Eskimo Cold Storage’s RFID inventory management implementation project. After this four month ROI period, Eskimo saw an increase in profits total over $200,000. While the making the decision to invest the initial amount was daunting, the bold decision paid off greatly.

About Jamison RFID: Jamison RFID is one of four divisions of the Jamison Door Company. The Jamison RFID Division produces a large variety of RFID portals, housing structures, components, and enclosures that can track RFID products through many types of processes. http://www.jamisonrfid.com.

Eskimo Cold Storage RFID Inventory Management

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