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Clearwater, Florida (June 24, 2013)-Warehouse management system software developer Datex recently added Shipping Management to its suite of warehouse management system tools.  The new Shipping Management module incorporates rate shopping functionality, documentation and reporting and allows users to manifest by day and carrier.

The Shipping Management module allows users to compare and contrast current shipping rates across multiple carriers including LTL for shipments within the Datex Footprint® WMS.  The new Shipping Management module includes documents for UPS, FedEx and other carriers and has the ability to produce documentation such as Bill of Lading (BOL) and labels.

Working in combination with Datex Footprint® WMS, the Shipping Management module allows users to bring in shipments from the warehouse management system directly, manifest from the carrier then prepare labels and documentation making the process seamless, fast and accurate.  Users can easily view all documents associated with shipments.   The Shipping Management module is designed to be connected to a scale and conveyor to ensure that users do not ship under/over weight packages.

Datex Footprint® WMS uses leading edge Microsoft technology to provide a warehouse management system (WMS) with advanced functionality and tremendous flexibility.  Rather than relying on static hard coding that is costly to change, Datex uses “workflows”, sets of activities that are joined together with logic to form a process.  Workflow based systems can provide a strong competitive advantage and save businesses time and money.  Datex Footprint® WMS also includes “drag and drop” customizable reporting, track and trace by Lot, SKU, UPC, vat code or ingredient and aids in FDA CFR 21 Part 11 compliance.

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In successful operation since 1978, Datex provides a range of supply chain technology solutions including software, hardware and managed services to industries such as warehousing and distribution, third party logistics (3PL), cold storage, pharmaceutical, food, apparel, healthcare, courier and more. Datex software was developed internally using Microsoft technology including the .NET platform, Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation, Microsoft SQL Database and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and includes business process workflows, customizable reporting, comprehensive traceability, auditing and inventory management functionality.   For more information, please visit the Datex website.

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